Monday, March 28, 2011

When Photography goes too far....

I love photographs. I love what they capture. Beauty. A moment. I think back to days when they didn't have the joy of grabbing a camera, a phone, an iPod or something to capture the moment happening before them. To be able to share images with those you love far away. I wish I had the talent to take photos like I see other photographers take but that's just not a gift I have so generally I leave it to the actual photographers. I love following blogs where people share LOTS of photos of their lives, their kids, them, places they go, things they like, food they eat. Whatever! The more pictures you share the better I like your blog! Lol! But I'm getting off course here......

I know that a lot of photographers view nudity done "tastefully" as art. To me nudity is nudity. I don't know what separates the line between art and porno but whatever! Lol! But recently I have come upon a development (hehe!) in photography that bothers and disturbs me greatly. I know that I have seen photos of dead people - taken during wars, after disasters, etc. These bother me as well but the other day I saw where a photographer I "know" has become a part of a group of photographers that do free photo sessions for people who's children are sick or disabled which I think is a wonderful thing! But this photographer also takes photos of dead babies. (insert stunned silence here. seriously.) I was like, "WHAT?" How wrong. I mean, it's pretty disturbing that she would be willing to take them but almost just as disturbing that people would want a photo of their dead child. Why would you want to remember your beautiful baby that way? She recently put up photos from a shoot she just did with newborn twins - one was born fully developed and healthy, the other was born only half developed and dead. I wouldn't want the parents not to mourn the death of their other child. I believe that is right, I believe it is needed but photographs of a undeveloped fetus? I find this just simply morbid and wrong. Not only did they take photos of the dead baby all dressed up but they also took photos of the other baby holding it. HOLDING IT. I'm sorry, my stomach absolutely turned. Again, mourning the loss of your baby is natural and right but taking pictures of it especially in the state it was in is just revolting. I was so surprised at many people praised the photos and said how beautiful they were and it was such a sweet thing. I did talk to a few people around me about it and they too found it to be extremely disturbing and morbid.

I think we have to draw lines somewhere, people. And in my mind there is an invisible line here that has most certainly been crossed. I am sad for the parents, I truly am. I have never lost child but a baby close to me and very close to my family passed away almost 6 years ago and I know that his mother would have never wanted to remember him as he was in death. Death is not beautiful, death isn't something I feel should be celebrated and praised. It isn't something to fear if you know that your eternity is secure in Christ but to freeze that moment and hold on to it for your whole life? I do not think that is something healthy or right.

What are your thoughts on this whole idea?

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