Saturday, October 1, 2011

Etsy Shop

I'm happy to announce that my Etsy shop, Pretty Nods, is back up and running!
I've got some cute things up for sale including headbands, hats and necklaces.
Check it out and recommend it to your friends as well!
Please help me spread the word.
I'll get a button made too that you can grab and put up if you want.

I'm also looking for two blogs to host a giveaway from me/Pretty Nods in the next couple of weeks. If you are interested in doing that please email me - I don't care how big or small your blog is. Email at The first two blogs to email me will get the
giveaway! So hurry up and email me!

But go check out my SHOP first!
You can also go HERE and "like" my Pretty Nods Facebook page!


  1. Congrats and much success! Love the necklaces so colorful and unique, and so are the headbands!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. Oh I love your hats and headbands. I wear a headcovering though, so I would not be able to wear one. Otherwise I'd love to host a giveaway for you. You have lovely items.
    I found your blog from the Restless Blog Hop. I am a new follower.

  3. Thanks, Cess! And I'm very happy to have you as a new follower, Karen! I did reply to your email about hosting a giveaway. Thanks for being interested!

  4. I love your blog! If you would ever like to be featured on my blog as fashionable Momma please let me know!


    Congrats on the shop opening!