Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Etsy Discount Code for my shop!

I know that my Etsy shop is brand new and so I'm trying to over some incentive for those
shopping - so from now through Friday I'm offering 10% off everything for sale in
the shop! Use the coupon code: NEWSHOP1 to get 10% off of your order!

Everything in my shop is handmade. And I make all of it myself. It takes time and effort
and I love doing it. I do my best to keep my prices as low as I can but still make a few
dollars at the same time.
Right now Christmas is right around the corner and by purchasing something from
me you not only have a great handmade gift to give to someone but you also help
me out!
Please take a moment to browse around and also point your friends and family
in my direction as well.
Word of mouth is the best way to spread the news about my shop!

Thank you for your support & help!

Coupon code for 10% off: NEWSHOP1


  1. Send me the html for your etsy button so I can add it to my blog!

  2. You are SO TALENTED! I love all your creations...I plan to order one of your super cute necklaces ASAP!

  3. plz submit your coupon at http://etsycouponcode.com to get max exposure and increase sale chances!