Thursday, October 6, 2011

That's it.

I'm honestly having complete "writer's block" when it comes to this blog lately.
I feel like my days are just running together lately.
In fact, last night my hubby mentioned something about Gianna's room being clean for a second
night in row and I insisted I had cleaned it yesterday afternoon.....then finally after
seriously giving myself a headache thinking about it I realized I had cleaned it the
day before!
I feel like by the time Gianna goes to bed at 9pm I'm ready to go to. I force myself to
stay up for an hour or so just to have some time with my hubby before we both crash.

We've had people here working on the outside of the house since Monday. I know that what
they are doing is kinda tedious work but I feel like they are just dragging it out day after day.
They are working on replacing some of the siding and adjusting the gutters.....

We also closed up the pool last week - I was really glad because we hadn't swam in it in over a
month but I was still having to clean it and filter it and put chemicals in it.

I've been trying my best to figure out what in the world my bank is doing with my account,
I'm sure it's my fault but for the life of me I can't figure out what's going on. I just keep
having random amounts of money missing. Our bank has been bought out by another
bank and they are in the middle of transitioning and are pretty much ZERO help.
I've been to the bank two different times, talked to two different people and left with no more
understanding or help then I came in with. I spent time pouring over my check book register
and records and I'm just so frustrated. I just want to go into the bank and them pull up my
records and tell me exactly what I did wrong (if I did do anything wrong.)!

I'm still working out daily but my eating hasn't been on track. I start out great and make it till
almost dinner and then totally give in for dinner. *sigh* I'm honestly tired of trying if
I just get real about it. I'm tired of having to count calories, watch what I eat and not be able
to just enjoy what I want. It gets old. But then I hate how I look because I'm not losing
and I'm starting to look flabby again. Ugh.

I found these random photos of Gianna on my computer - too cute not to share!

I love the one of her holding Gemima! Speaking of Gemima, we got rid of her today. I get kinda
choked up just typing that. I found a great foster home for her and I know the woman will
find a really great home for her but I just felt horrible today. The lady had me drop her off
at her vet's so she could get her shots before the lady took her home. I was fine until I
actually handed her over to the vet assistant. Then I got a huge lump in my throat
and Gemima looked at me with those big orange eyes and I started crying.......
I got in my car and cried like a baby.
I know this is best - I just can't handle all her upkeep and all the expense of having her not
to mention when we move we'll most likely be moving into an apartment and the less
pets we have the better. Of course we would never consider getting rid of old man Gandalf.
We've had him 6 years and he's 13 years old so of course he stays.
We've had Gemima just over 2 months and even though she's a sweet cat she was just too
much for me. Not to mention she was a female and I've now said that I will NEVER
get another female - I just don't like their personalities as well not to mention they're
urine smell is SO much worse then males. At least with the Himalayans.
And I have decided that after Gandalf is no longer with us, however long that may be,
I will not get another long haired cat. We'll get some kind of "Heinz 57" cat or hopefully
we can rescue a Sphynx (hairless cat). I'd LOVE that!

So anyway, that's been our week. The weekend isn't going to be too exciting. More of the
same really. Cleaning up the house, maybe watching a little Fringe, working out, and
maybe working on a craft project or two.

That's it.

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  1. such cute pictures!!! huga about the kitty, just because it was the right thing to do doesnt mean it was an easy thing to do!! My mil has a long haired cat and she really is so much upkeep, get a good old tabby next time, lol