Saturday, October 15, 2011

Night Out

Yesterday my hubby and I had a much needed night out! My wonderful sister took Gianna for the afternoon/evening/night and let us go. Hooray for great sisters! Gianna has been counting down the days for like a week because she loves hanging out with her Aunt Char-char and Uncle J - they spoil her rotten that's why!

We ran an errand and then had some time to kill before we met up with some friends for dinner so we hit up a "new" Goodwill in the area. They have great stuff but to me they seem a bit pricey for a thrift store. We always find good stuff but end up spending way too much. Beej found a couple of books - we have built quite a collection of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and David Baldacci books just by picking them up at thrift stores here and there. I found Gianna a couple of things and right as I was about to call it a day I spotted these!

I snatched them up and looked them over and they didn't even look worn! I glanced inside and realized they were Minnetonka's and decided to get them wether they would fit Gi or not. I figured if they didn't fit her I'd sell them. My favorite thrift store find so far - but got them home and eagerly put them on Gi this morning and they didn't fit! Just barely and I was so bummed!

After that we strolled around downtown for a bit and stepped into a few little shops and enjoyed the fresh air.....

Then we met up with our friends at a cute little Italian place downtown called Mezzaluna. We've been wanting to try it for months because they had said it was really good. I really wanted alfredo with shrimp but they didn't have it on the menu. Beej had been saying all night he wanted mussels so that's what he went with.

And I went with a pepperoni and spinach calzone!
And that was after the super yummy calamari!

We opted out of dessert there and wandered around until we found a quirky little coffee shop with a super great vintage couch and a awesome mosaic coffee table. Generally I have a mocha but I just went with a hot chocolate last night. And it was delish! We sat around and chit chatted for a bit before we said our good bye's and headed home happy and full!

This morning I decided to tackle our cat and his flea situation. A couple of weeks ago we noticed he had sores all over his body and we couldn't figure out what it was. He's never had it before. My hubby thought he saw a flea but we couldn't find anymore and I brushed it off. But it kept getting worse and after consulting a few friends with cats we finally decided he must indeed have fleas. We've NEVER had an issue with fleas. Ever. Until we moved out here into the country. Reason #957 why I HATE the country.
So instead of spending the money to get him shaved ( I didn't want to take him somewhere since he has fleas.) I decided to try and do it myself. (Go ahead and laugh at me right here!)
He was actually much more cooperative then I expected but it was still a disaster!!!!

That's how much hair I removed and I only got about half of him shaved!

HAHA! He looks so embarrassed!
Then my sister brought over flea shampoo and we gave him a bath. He just kept meowing
but it sounded like he was saying "Ow" over and over and finally Gianna goes "Is he saying ow?"! Lol!
We still didn't see alot of fleas....we even used a flea comb and didn't see but one. Then this evening I went and got some flea treatment and put it on him. And now there are fleas crawling everywhere on him! I am so grossed out and itching like crazy......ugh. Guess we'll give him another bath tomorrow and then dust the house down with anti-flea powder.
Oh, I can't wait to move back into a city - thank you, Jesus.

So that's been my weekend!

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