Thursday, October 20, 2011


I have contemplated writing this post for awhile and I figure some people are going to totally disagree with me and that's ok. But I hear it almost DAILY and it bothers me. "Everything happens for a reason." or "It must have been God's plan....." It's easy to say that and honestly I've probably said it before until I realized one day that it was simply another way of blaming God but making ourselves feel better. And most of the time it's only said after something bad happens. Why? Does it make us feel better to have some one to blame? Does that make it better?

Here is the thing some things just happen. Period. Life happens. Things happen every day that are simply products of human error, natural happenstance. People who get pregnant when they didn't want to or plan to doesn't mean that it was God's plan for them to have it baby. It means they had sex with someone and didn't use birth control. True, that child can end up being a huge blessing but that doesn't mean it was necessarily God's plan. He didn't make you get pregnant when you didn't want to. It was human error. Because someone dies in a car accident does NOT mean it was "their time to go" - maybe it was someone stupidly driving while they were drunk, or someone not paying attention. Human error.

Do you understand my point? It's not God's fault - it's human nature to blame someone or something else for things that go wrong in our lives. It does not make the things that happen any less sad, any less devastating, any less crushing. But just because something did or didn't happen doesn't mean that it was the "right" thing for that moment. Maybe it was actually the wrong thing but that's not God's fault. It's a result of human nature and human error. Simple as that.


  1. I agree, I do think that people say that to make themselves feel better about the feel that there is some divine plan that they can't see but they can find solace in you know? Shoot, even if I know I'm lying to myself and there was some terrible tragedy in my life, I would want to feel like there is a reason for this sad thing to happen. Although sometimes I do think there really is a reason for things to happen...maybe not all things but some things :)
    P.S. I like your blog and I like that you speak your mind!

  2. Well said, I really agree! Though I have to say that it isn't always the case about pregnancy and birth control. I got preggo twice on birth control and it turned out to be an ovulation disorder. BUT! That is zebra, not the horse, situation!

  3. Thank you, Lizzy! I do try to be honest on how I feel about things. And yes, Karly, there are situations like yours but again, it's the human body not functioning correctly with human made birth control so it's not God's divine plan or "fault" either! Not that ultimately you realize you LOVE having the two kids you had by "accident" and you wouldn't change it but I don't believe they were written down in an exact plan for your life.....see what I'm saying?!! Lol!

  4. I agree 100%!My father was killed in a car accident years ago, and the other driver was under the influence and I cannot count how many times I've heard, "everything happens for a reason". Some one made a poor decision, there was no "reason" for him to die. And the same goes for anyone who is in accident etc, they didn't deserve to be hurt or killed because of some one else's decision...