Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Taco Soup Kinda Day

So the past two nights I've cranked up the crock pot to make dinner. Today and yesterday was over cast and on the slightly chilly side so something hot simmering in the crock pot seemed perfect! Tonight I made Taco Soup. It's been a favorite in my family for awhile - I think the first time I had it was when my youngest brother, M, was born. Someone brought us a big pot of it with cornbread and we've been hooked ever since. But I can honestly say I think this is the first time I've actually made it myself! Usually we just go over to Mom's and she makes it but now that they live out of state it's up to me.

Someone asked me to share the recipe so here goes -

1 pound of beef or ground turkey (I used turkey)
1 pack of Ranch dressing mix
1 pack of Taco seasoning
1 reg. can of corn
1 reg. can of kidney beans
1 reg. can of black beans
1 reg. can of pinto beans
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can tomatoes and chiles
1 reg. can white hominy (I didn't have this but normally we add it.)

I used my crock pot and add everything except the meat and seasonings.
Go ahead and let that start simmering.

Brown your meat in a pan, drain off excess moisture and grease.
Add taco seasoning and ranch mix and a 1/2 cup of water and mix it.
Then add it all to the pot!

Simmer for a few hours on low.
I topped mine with a little sour cream and used Fritos to dip it up!
My hubby added sour cream and cheese!

My hubby's only "complaint" and I agree was that it wasn't spicy enough.
I kinda did that on purpose hoping the kiddo would eat it.
But for a little extra kick get the spicy taco seasoning or add a few dashes of cayenne pepper!
It's simple and easy and super yummy, perfect Fall meal.

(I tried to figure up the calories for this and I approximated around 250 calories per cup.)


  1. Maybe I've grown up and my taste buds have changed. But I remember hating that soup because of the hamburger chunks! lol. I would probably love it now!

  2. Well, I made it with ground turkey but you could even make it with chicken. Just cook the chicken overnight in broth in your crock pot then sorta "pull" it and add to the soup. That would be yummy too!