Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yeah, this is about to happen again, folks.
I'm feeling pretty darn crappy lately. I've been doing, or trying to do, the
whole counting calorie thing but I've learned that I can actually eat a good bit of
crap even when I'm counting calories. I need something more structured and planned out.
Something that kinda makes the meal for me and that's what the Insanity guide does.
Very clean, healthy foods. It's a little time consuming because it's all cooking and
preparing every thing fresh but it works. Last time I did this for 60 days straight, absolutely
no cheating and I lost 15lbs and I'd LOVE to do that again.
Even though I'm currently not doing the Insanity plan (I'm doing Turbo Fire and trying to
add in some running) the eating plan will still work.
Next month I'm starting an accountability program with my Beach Body coach.
He's putting together some small online groups - we'll all do the same Beach Body program
at the same time and he'll help coach us and keep us motivated. I'm excited!
But yeah, this weekend I'm going to head to the store and stock up on some good clean
foods again and get myself feeling better and back to actually losing weight.


  1. That's so exciting! I did Insanity and LOVED it. I want to start it again because I love the way it makes me feel :D If you wanna check out my before and afters you can go to my other site:


    My hubby got me TurboFire not too long ago but I can't get the hang of it for some reason. I kept getting lost lol.

  2. I feel SO much better when I'm eating on the Insanity plan. I feel energized and strong and that makes my work out's better. I have done Insanity 3 times now I think. I rotate between Insanity, P90X and now Turbo Fire. I HATED Turbo Fire the first time I did it. It was so "dancey" compared to what I did before but this second time around I know the routines and I can get into it a lot more. Oh, and yes, I've checked out your several times!!!

  3. Oh really?? That's awesome! I need to update it really bad. I haven't posted lately because I've been so busy and I haven't felt inspired but that's really cool that you've seen my site before :D

    TurboFire is too dancey for me too and that's why I can't keep up. I should just be patient and take it slow and try again sometime!

  4. Well don't beat yourself up over Turbo Fire. Like I said, I was SO frustrated with it for the first few weeks but then I started realizing she repeats ALOT of the same moves and the more you do it the more you get into the "groove". Now I really enjoy it, the time goes by so fast and Chalene stays so pumped up, it's great!