Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Festival

Last night was the Fall Festival at Gianna's school. Honestly I went to support the school and
because I knew they had really talked it up at school and Gianna was excited about it.
I hate fighting the crowds of people to ride on crappy rides and eat crappy food and pay for it all on top of it!
But like I said I know it still means something to Gianna.

It was cute to walk around and watch Gianna and her friends from class greet each other.
It's usually a squealed "Gianna!" or "Abbie!", etc. as parents drag them off through the crowds!
It's kinda hard because they are still at that age where a parent has to be with them all the
time and I don't know any of the parents so I don't want to just go hang out with them so that
our kids can ride a couple of dinky rides together.

We stood in line to ride a couple of rides....
It started getting just the tiniest bit nippy as the sun started going down.

We got there a little "late" - the festival started at 4pm and went to 8pm but we wanted to wait
and go once Beej got home from work so we didn't get over there till around 6:30. We let Gi
ride a few rides and then went to the cafeteria to get dinner. They were serving cheeseburgers,
hot dogs, pizza and fries. When we got up to "order" they didn't have cheese for the burgers (I paid $2.50 for a burger patty on a flat bun with ketchup. I could have bought two McDoubles for that! Lol!) and they were out of fries. So we paid $7 for 3 hot dogs, 1 plain burger and two small cups of soda. Whatever, we supported the school, right?!

After "dinner" we bought Gianna a giant bag of pink cotton candy. She was really upset
that it didn't come on a little paper cone like you see in the movies! But she ended
up being ok with it!
I thought about buying a candy apple but for $2 I realized I didn't really want it.
I still really really want a caramel apple. I'm thinking about buying stuff and making some
myself. I never have but it would be a fun project for me and Gi!

After that we called it a night and headed home.
On the way out Gianna said I wish I could have gotten a balloon.....
Then we came around the corner and a lady was handing out balloons to the kids.
She saw Gi and asked if she wanted a balloon and Gi said yes and the lady
said "Well you can have them all!" and handed her 5 balloons!
Gianna was so excited and it totally rounded out her evening.


  1. First off-I want to say THANK YOU for all of your comments on my blog posts! I read every single one. And I read your blog often too, I am just bad at never commenting back!!!

    Your little girls hair color reminds me so much of my daughters. So cute! She is a doll!

    And YES! I do have a tattoo and hope to get a few more! The one I have is a couple of aster flowers (my daughters birth month). I got it about a year ago.

    Once again-thanks for all the comments!!

  2. Glad she had fun. Wish we could have made it! Love her so much!

  3. Your little Gianna is beautiful!