Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feeling like a slacker

Last night we went to pick out a costume for Gi. I've kinda waited till the last minute and I knew there wouldn't be a lot let to pick from. We got there and they actually had a lot of costumes but just not much of a selection for toddler size girls. She kinda had the choice between a spider, a lady bug and a bat ballerina. She opted for the last but when I found out it was almost $20 there was NO way I was going to pay that much for a cheap costume. I BEGGED her to get the lady bug but no. She ended up going with a Snow White costume which I find amusing because she's never even seen the Snow White movie or anything. I don't even think she really knows who she is! Lol! So I guess she'll be a blonde Snow White and I'll throw on a little make up to "dress it up" a bit more. She had to wear it out for Trick Or Treating, and to school and to dance. We'll get our wear out of a ten dollar costume!

I just feel like I've really dropped the ball on events this year. Her birthday party was kinda the same - I waited around to the last minute and ended up not getting the theme she wanted because we couldn't find the stuff that late so we ended up choosing theme while we were at the store and she was happy but I just felt her last birthday party was so "rushed". I just hope that next year I can really take the time to think ahead and put more effort into it. Next year I want to really do up a great costume for her. We'll be living in Bama by then and hopefully we'll get to visit pumpkin's patches and be involved with doing stuff with friends and family.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas. Our family on my mom's side always gets together in TN and we rent a cabin for a weekend and it's seriously so much fun and I look forward to it from like September on. We've already got our cabin rented and it looks amazing and I can't wait! But I have several fun baking/craft projects I want to put together and do with the girls (Gianna and my cousin Ava are a month apart and they are buddies!). I just hope that I don't drop the ball on it because I'll be disappointed if I don't do it.

I honestly just feel like I've been a bit of a slacker mom lately. And I don't have any excuse really. I have the time and I could make it happen I just keep putting things off lately. I feel frazzled - we've had some unexpected things come up that we've had to take extra finances for and that's always puts on a strain on us. Right now I am looking for a job but (and this is no excuse) we live in a dirt poor county and there just aren't a lot of jobs available. I have put in applications but no one had called me back. It's hard because I feel like I'm not doing my part to help. I think part of it is that I haven't worked in 5 years and that my hours are fairly limited because of Gianna's school hours and I have to be there to pick her up.....I have attempted to get my Etsy shop going but so far that's not happening. I had great reception when I first started putting stuff out there. But now it's slacked off and I just feel like I'm doing nothing....

I've really put myself into eating right and working out hard again since I'm home for now. I've let a few pounds creep back on so until I can focus on something else this is where I'm putting my focus. Hopefully I can keep from being/feeling like a slacker in that area!

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