Tuesday, October 18, 2011


"Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose."
- Bo Bennett

Lately I have found myself becoming quite the daydreamer. Not in a sit around and do nothing and dream kinda way. I'm actually kinda the opposite, when I'm actually doing something and working that's when I let my mind kinda wonder away and dream about life and the possibilities. Next year holds a lot of change for us and SO many possibilities. There are things we know we will be doing but there is no set date or time (and I HATE that! I want to know when, exactly when.....or at least a good idea of when!). Change makes me nervous but one thing I've learned over the past few years is that most of the time when we step out and make a change in life it's almost always been for the better of ourselves and our life. I love dreaming in my mind about what life could look like next year, and the year after.....there are things that I'm so excited about - some I can share and some I can't just yet. But when I can it will be one of the most exciting times in my life I assure you! But for now these dreams are growing and forming inside my mind and my heart. I like having some goals and ideas about how I want to see my life and my family's. My dreams have changed, perhaps they aren't as "out there" and lofty as they used to be but I feel like that are just as, or even more, important then the ones I had as a child, or even as a teenager. My heart is bursting with excitement for what's to come - I'm pretty sure it only gets even better from here!

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