Thursday, October 13, 2011

"K" Love

I wouldn't say I'm a Kardashian fan but I will say that for a celebrity family they are fairly "classy". Doesn't mean they don't have their moments but for the most part they are pretty funny and of course, entertaining.

But the one thing that has hit me the most when I've occasionally caught "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" is that they really, really love each other. I feel like, even though they pick on each other and make fun, they deep down respect each other so much.
And personally I admire that so much. I feel like when they give each other compliments is straight from the heart. I don't feel like any of them are jealous of the other one - they are each confident in who they are and their strengths.

Kourtney -
She's my favorite. I think of all the sisters she is the most steadfast and mature. And I of course relate more with her being a mother, etc. (I can't believe I just said I "relate" with her - haha! Not really, I just like to think I do!). She is, to me, the prettiest of the sisters as well.

Khloe -
I love her as well, she's hilarious! Something about her reminds me of my sister, D. She is kinda fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants. But she loves fiercely and strong and she is protective of her sisters and I think it's so sweet.

Kim -
I know she is the most "popular" by far but Kim is my least favorite. Don't get me wrong, she is beautiful and knows how to market herself well. But she seems a little flighty and petty sometimes. I feel like the whole family caters to her a lot too. But I think in the end Kim would be the first to do anything for her mother.

Like any family they have their dysfunctional moments but I think most of all I love how they enjoy time together and have each other's backs even when they're "fighting"! And most of all I love how much they respect and love each other. You know that family is THE most important thing to them. And that's a special thing to have.


  1. I don't keep up with them. But they always seem pretty put together. Maybe I've missed their drama scenes, but I've never heard of them getting into crazy trouble like all these other stars are! I fam! :)

  2. I've not ever been a big fan of them. My mom watches them sometimes, so I'll catch a little of the show now & then. I guess Kim would be my favorite...I think she's the prettiest. :)