Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fairy Beautiful

(Invitation example)

So lately I've been thinking about Gianna's birthday party. Yes, I know it's 5 months away BUT this year I am feeling the pressure of making this party a little more "hands on" and crafty.

Normally Gianna picks a theme and then a week before her party I run to Party City and get all the decorations and stuff and I buy food from somewhere and it's a party!

But I've been looking at the parties all my blogger friends have been giving their children lately and suddenly I feel like I've never really put a lot of "effort" into making Gianna's parties personal and special.

Don't get me wrong, she's loved everyone of her parties and we have too. My favorite was her 2nd birthday - we did a Luau theme and it was so much fun and the food was great too. Her 3rd was pretty awesome too - we did a Fiesta/Dora theme and again, we served great food!

Last year I felt was a little rushed and thrown together. The theme she wanted the party place didn't have when we went to get it so we ended up picking a theme at random. And it was the first year my family hadn't been around to help me prepare......this year I'm enlisting my crafty sister, Charity's help. Here that, Charity?!!! Lol!

Gianna originally wanted a Tinkerbell theme but I think instead we'll just do a general fairy theme. She can dress up and whatever guest she has can dress up......it'll be fun!

So now I've been checking out ideas online trying to decide what all we'll need to do!

(Cute cupcakes)

(These are a MUST! I want to learn how to make cake pops. And these glittery ones
are perfection!)

(The guest can make their own fairy wands.....)

(And we'll serve pretty food like these fruit and marshmallow kabobs, cotton candy,
little sandwiches shaped like flowers and stars.....)
Five months away but I'm planning now!

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  1. you will be AMAZED at how easy it is to make a cake ball. after you make a batch you'll probably give up regular cake for good. :)