Friday, October 21, 2011

....and I'm a sugarholic!

Hi, my name is Alaythea, and I'm a sugarholic. Yeah, it's true. I'm pretty much addicted to sugar. I managed to break the habit a year and a half ago before my daughter's 3rd birthday party. I went 60 straight days eating nothing but clean food and NO sugar except natural sweetners like honey. And I felt amazing! But on my daughter's birthday I decided to splurge and ate some cake. I remember after like two bites of cupcake I felt so sick and dizzy from that sudden rush of sugar and before you know it I was eating sugary crap again and totally addicted, again. And of course there is always an excuse to continue eating it - birthdays, holidays, special occasions, etc. People always say things like you can just have a couple of bites or eat a small piece but for me it has to nothing because it's either that or all in. And I hate that but it's how it is. And no, I don't think I'll ever be completely over it. It's something I have to fight physically and mentally. I feel so heavy and sluggish when I'm eating sugar - my energy and motivation lacks so much. And on top of sugary foods I crave carbs when I'm eating sugar but mostly I crave the carbs that contain even more SUGAR! I eat when I'm stressed or bored and when that food is nasty sugary stuff then that causes me to feel down and that stresses me more and I feel less motivated to get up and get things done then I get bored and I eat more. Yeah, it's a horrible vicious cycle. Tomorrow I start trying to break that cycle yet again by starting the Insanity diet plan again. I feel AMAZING when I'm on it. It's hard, I don't pretend it's not, but the reward is a healthier, happier and much fitter me. So if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook just ignore any grumpy posts from me - it's just my sugar withdrawals talking!


  1. oh wow, i can't even imagine going so long without sugar. i love my sweets too! :)

  2. Don't worry, I give people a weird look and say, "excuse me?" when they say, "I don't like sweets." I am also addicted.