Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Fashion Staples

We are getting hints of Fall around here! The mornings are actually feeling cold now, I think it was about 45 when we left for school this morning. But then it's back up to 75 or 78 by the afternoon. So you have to dress in layers so that you can peel them off as the day goes on. At the beginning of each season I sorta get a "fashion game plan" together. That way when I do have the opportunity to buy some clothing I have a good idea of what I'm going for and what staple items I'm going to need.

Obviously skinny jeans, cardigans and boots are a big part of the Fall/Winter look. (And p.s. I'd K.I.L.L to be that skinny! Lol!)

I love this slightly thrown together look Jessica Alba is rocking - that aviator leather jacket is gorgeous!

Here's a great casual look - skinnies, black boots and shirt and an oversize sweater.

I personally love leggings and flats together and striped cardi's are my favorite!

Flare jeans are back in.....I want to try them this year with more of a 70's all over look. I think for me flares are best with a heeled, chunky shoe.

And of course PLAID! I love plaid shirt "dresses" - they look so cute with skinnies and flats or leggings and boots. I'm most certainly going to stock up on plaid!

So these are the "staples" I need for this Fall/Winter:

Jeans (I currently have one pair I like anymore) - both skinnies & flares
Boots - black and brown
Cardigans - in every color of the rainbow! Long and "short"
Plaid shirt dresses

I really wish I had a thrifting genius who could help me shop at thrift stores. I feel so lost and overwhelmed in thrift stores most of the time.

Another thing I wish - I wish I knew how to sew more so that I could take pieces that don't fit me well and recreate them to be amazing wardrobe additions.

What's your Fall/Winter staple this year?


  1. i need more plaid/flannel dresses!

    and i WISH my legs looked good in skinny jeans. they end up just looking like stuffed sausages. :-/

  2. From my knees down I look great in skinny jeans! Lol! My problem is I have wider hips and is totally contrasts with my skinny ankles. Skinny jeans highlight that. But I do have one pair of bright purple skinnies and they look great but I can't find actually jeans that fit me just like that. And seriously, I'm going to LIVE in plaid dresses and cardigans! Lol!

  3. Kohl's has great leggings and tights! Fyi. :)