Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sister Wives?

Let me say first off that I do not follow the show Sister Wives, nor do I watch it regularly. But I have caught parts of two or three different episodes over the past couple of weeks. And I'll admit I was curious.....

First of all, the man running back and forth and around to four different houses all in the same neighborhood is weird. In the particular episode I saw he took all four women shopping for furniture sets for their different houses. Two of them were picking our bedroom furniture and he had to try the two different beds with them to make sure it was what they wanted. WHAT?! Each women pretends to ignore the fact that their "husband" is someone else's husband as well. One women said "I'll leave so y'all can try the bed out together." Are you serious?!

Then the newest "wife" is pregnant now and everyone is so happy.....how in the world can each of these women be Ok with this? I mean especially the first "wife", his actual wife. The only one he's legally married to. The rest are, for the lack of a better word, his mistresses. The real wife is just aware of them and good with it. I'm sorry, maybe I'm just a seriously jealous person but I can not imagine being ok with husband playing house with multiply women and giving them children. I mean, they keep a schedule so they know who he's sleeping with when. It sorta makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

And the poor kids....what a crazy dysfunctional way to grow up. What kind of example is he setting to his boys? It's ok to cheat on your wife as long as she knows and as long as you call them your "wives". Or the example he and his women are setting for their daughters? You aren't good enough to expect a man to be completely faithful to you. He needs other women to fulfill all the areas of his life. And seriously what kind of man is SO big headed that he actually thinks he can take care of all the needs of FOUR women? And who says he'll stop at four?!

That man needs a swift kick in the head! Lol!


  1. i am right there with you! i could never in a million years do that! but i suppose it makes for great (ok?) (bad?) tv!

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  2. So nasty! I can't even watch it...grosses me out. Never in a million years!

  3. I've been watching it from the beginning: partly because I am a sucker for reality tv and partly because it is so darn weird I can hardly avert my eyes.

    This lifestyle is so yucky to me, and I wonder how those kids/women can truly be happy. So confusing. And you probably haven't seen enough of it to know...but that guy hardly acts like he cares about any of the million kids he has. And now another one is on the way. Disgusting.

    They used to live all together in one house, then had to move to Nevada. I think that there is trouble on the horizon though, because it seems as the old wives are getting a bit jealous of the new one. I have to stay tuned to see the drama unfold. Ha.

  4. Honestly, Ashley, the only reason I've watched as much as I have is because it's so weird! It's like watching surgery on TV, it's so gross but sometimes you can't help but watch! Lol!

  5. Is it weird I actually don't see a problem with it? I don't feel like they're hurting anybody, and they sure are all a huge loving family. It might not be something I'd do myself, but I don't really have the right to judge someone for what works for them.

    Many married couples cheat on each other and end up in divorce. And then marry someone else and have more kids. They all seem pretty confident they can handle their own lifestyle. Many men can't handle only one woman but if he wants to try more, more power to him!

    They all seem like nice, normal people to me.

  6. Even if it didn't go against my Biblical beliefs I think I'd still find it disturbing. I guess if nothing else then then them all sharing one man sexually. I personally find that repulsive and degrading to the women. They obviously don't feel like they are "enough" for one man to be faithful to. And pretty much any time he gets "bored" he just finds him yet another one. And they keep getting younger and prettier - it won't be long before his other wives aren't happy (and I think that's already starting to happen.) But I know a lot of women who share your feelings, Mandy! But personally for me it goes against what I believe to be right and moral.