Friday, October 28, 2011

Not feelin' it!

I'm have a low self esteem day. Don't worry about me, I have them several times a week! Lol! I'm used to them and I know they'll pass. But there are days when I just feel kinda down on myself. And here's the thing, I don't have a correct view on myself I know. My hubby and I were talking about it today. I have such a high standard of perfection - as far as how I want and expect myself to look and in my eyes I am SO far from that standard and I fail to see any good. But it doesn't help when I see another "girl" I think I'm probably close to as far as size goes then I hear she's a size 4 or a 2 and I honestly just can't see it. I'm not saying they are lying but I wear mostly 6's and sometimes 8's still. And I'm not talking about those girls who say they are a 4 and they look like a stuffed sausage spilling out of their clothes. I'm talking about girls that look good and yet I'm 2 or 3 sizes bigger then them. Then I'm wondering if I see myself in too good of a light. Do I think I'm smaller then I really am?!! Lol! Here's the thing - I'm sure I'll get a few comments saying "Girl, you look great!" or "You shouldn't be so hard on yourself" or "Be confident the way you are...." and those are all well and good and I appreciate compliments, don't get me wrong, they make my day! But I also think that for me holding myself to a high standard only makes me work harder to try and get there. But I'm doing my best to make be more positive, truly. But there are days that I'm just not feelin' it!


  1. I know all too well what you mean! I'm the same way though where I think, hey this could keep me motivated so this is a weird, round about way lol :) <3 And I can't end this comment without saying, you are LOVELY! so there ;)

  2. I think that if any girl says she's never compared herself to someone else she is a liar! We all struggle with it at times.

    But, remember, comparison can be a killer and stealer of joy. SOMETIMES it can make us better, but most of the time it just overshadows all that we are truly talented at, or beautiful for.

  3. Sizes are relative! Tall girls like me have a hard time getting into anything in single digits. Even in my super skinny days I was in a 10. Now I'm at a 12. Even weight is relative. I'd wear small tops before kids and wear a 10 on the bottom. Flat stomach, tiny and everything and I was 160 lbs...and people were always surprised about that.

    We're all different sizes! Can't spend your life trying to fit into someone else's pants! Work to be your best you, not your best someone else.

  4. Thank you, ladies! And I do understand that obviously someone who is my weight but is 7 inches taller then me is going to be "smaller" then me. I'm talking about comparing myself to girls I know are about my height and I've seen their "measurements" then they say they fit comfortably in sizes two or three smaller then me....I get it, we are all shaped different but it totally messes with my head! Lol! I'll feel better about it all tomorrow I'm sure!