Monday, August 30, 2010

From the alarm clock......

I started my day off around 7am this morning. Not bad but I have made a vow to start getting up earlier. The earlier I get up and get my day going the more time I have in the day to accomplish things and even maybe have been time to do some things I want to do like work on music and read. Right now it seems the day is jammed full from the time I get up until my hubby gets home from work. And I feel like I'm rushing to get it all done. My hubby gets up for work by 5:40am so I think I'm going to start getting up with him and maybe eating breakfast with him or something. That sounds so early! Lol! Especially since it's getting light later and later now. We might push it to 6am but somewhere between there I want to be up. I want to start working out earlier so that I have time to fit more of a work out in if I want and not be rushed. Sometimes I feel like I have to do a shorter work out because I have pushed myself out so late into the morning.
I did an 80 minute work out this morning! I was so pleased, I honestly didn't feel like it but towards the second half I caught a second wind and pushed through pretty well! I did 40 minutes of Pure Cardio and then 40 minutes of Sculpting ( working with weights). As of right now I the scales say I have gained 2.5lbs. Yes, I cheated and weighed early and I shouldn't have but I am saving measuring until Wednesday! But I try not to worry about the gaining when I first start working with weights again because I usually put on a few pounds of muscle before I start losing weight. Hopefully the measurements will show some improvement though. I've stuck with my diet about 85% of the time. I have cheated here and there. Eaten a meal I shouldnt' or had a snack I shouldn't have but I feel like I'm pushing myself hard enough in my work outs that I can do it and allow myself a cheat here and there. But for the most part I really am trying to stick to eating 6 small meals a day. Tomorrow's work out will probably only be an hour because I have to get things done and get everyone up and ready to go to town by 8:40am. D gets her braces off tomorrow - finally! I feel like she's been wearing them forever! We are so excited to see her gorgeous new smile!!!! I think after that we might swing by and visit my mother in law, we haven't seen her in a little while and Gianna loves visiting her and her cats!
I did manage to get my to do list done for today - got both the bathrooms cleaned and most of laundry done. Got all my errands taken care of. I think we are going to try to fit in a swim tomorrow too - probably one of the last few times we get to swim before Fall really kicks in. Hopefully that is sooner rather then later!!!
Gianna helped me make cookies after dinner tonight - she gets so excited when I let her help me with something. She says over and over "I'm helping, Mommy!" with a big smile on her face! I really have to make a conscience effort to let her help me so that I can teach her things. I tend to just want to do it myself and get it done. It takes a lot more time and usually more mess for her to help me, but I have to remember that's how she learns. My mom took the time to teach me so now I have to take the time to teach Gianna. Gi is really into "writing" lately. She copies words she see and numbers. She can count up to 20, she subs 14 with 40! Lol! She can write her name fairly well on her own now and can copy words you write down for her. She likes to find common letters through out the words she writes. Today she asked me how to write "door" and then "paper" and she exclaimed that both words had "r's"!!! She's so smart! This morning she was having a bit of a melt down about something and when I went to speak to her about it she crossed her arms and said "I'm just not being nice today." I almost laughed! She's growing up so fast, I found some videos of her on my phone from when she was just learning how to talk and sing - she was singing Happy Birthday is her little baby voice. It got me a little joked up. I even had the video from when she was about a year old she discovered how to take her pants off and I recorded it!
She has one last step in completely correcting this kidney reflux. She has to go back late September for them to do another dye test and make sure everything has healed up and it working properly from the correction procedure. They'll have to sedate her again but the first time they did this same test we had it done at Rutherfordton Hospital and they didn't sedate her, they just held her down while they inserted a cath. I wasn't with her for it but I know it must have been awful. Beej stayed with her during that because she chose him since only one parent could stay. So I am beyond grateful that the Charlotte Medical Center will sedate her, it's far less traumatic. After that she should be off the daily meds and be done with this part of her life for good!!!
A friend of mine got a new tattoo over the weekend and it has totally given me the itch for new ink! I have my next one planned out and picked but I have to wait till the beginning of the New Year, for good reasons but I do have to wait! This will most likely be the last one I get, not because I think I have too many but because I just don't have any other place I think I want to put one. I'm not swearing to that but for now that's how it seems! I keep crossing my fingers that maybe my hubby will decide on something by then and go with me - I really wanted us to go get tattoos together but he just hasn't found anything yet so who knows! I LOVE what I have picked out and it has a lot of meaning behind it! I can't wait to get it and show it to you - of course I'm not posting a picture of it or even telling you what it is because I don't want anyone to take my idea first!!! It's too special and too pretty to share! So you'll just have to wait until January.
Beej and I started working on a new song last night. He wrote it pretty much, right now it's just a super catchy chorus. He put up a little video of it on FB tonight and I'm eager to see what everyone has to say about it! I'm writing a song at this moment too, a slow ballad type song. It's the first one I've written on piano. It's very, very basic since I'm still in the beginning stages but I like the idea and I know my talented, producin' hubby can jazz it up for me alot! I'm really hoping to have a completed EP of 5 ot 6 songs out by Christmas. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying for a heck of a lot of inspiration in between now and then!!!
I love hearing from all of you wether it's through your own blogs or comments on my blog! It's so fun keeping up with everyone!!! Love to you all!!!

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