Monday, August 2, 2010

What A DAY!!!

Today started out like a pretty normal day....we got up and had started making preparations for breakfast when D looked outside and yelled, "There's a horse in the yard!!!" I was like WHAT? Sure enough, there was indeed a horse in the yard, a mini horse or a pony one. We aren't exactly sure. It was kinda skittish but we finally coaxed it close enough to snap a leash on it's bridle - it likes apples! Our neighbors used to have horses so we thought maybe it was theirs but it wasn' it is currently housed in their barn and we are trying to figure out what in the world to do with it. It's kinda snippy and doesn't like to be touched or brushed. Other than that it's small enough to be moved around with a little force! We've fed and watered it twice but I don't know what to do with it. I've called the police, local vets and a radio station to see if it was reported missing or stolen but no one was any help. I'm going to wait through tomorrow and go to a few locals houses and see if any one knows anything and after that I'm calling the local animal authorities and see if they'll come get it because I just can't handle the stress of it. It's not something you can love on or ride or anything and we can't keep it at the neighbors forever. Why did we have to have a horse in our yard this morning?!

After that I came home and did a double work out! Yes, I said double! Two Insanity work outs practically back to back. I was so beat but I felt really accomplished. It's my goal to do double work outs 3 times a week at least for the month of August. I'm getting some Turbo Jam work outs and my P90X work out DVD's back soon so I'm going to use those as my additional work outs. I've got to start putting resistance weight training back in to my routine. Hopefully boosting my metabolism again and getting these last pounds off. Plus I can tell I've lost some of my upper body strength and muscle. I am watching my calorie intake closely again. I've been amazed that even eating what I deem "alot" I'm still short 150-200 calories by night time. I'm trying to add a few more here and there through out the day to make up for that because my coach says those calories are we'll see how the month of August goes!

So my sis and I are going to start doing some "renovating" around my parents house soon. The walls needs to be repainted, the kitchen cabinets have to be re done (the last time they were painted I was like 16 and painted them hideously bright colors!), and I want to re do the floor in the main bathroom too. And I want to do it in this wild, random mosaic tile! I've never done tile but I figure a lot of people learn how to do it fairly easily. I know ultimately it would be a lot of work but I think it would look SO amazing! I'm trying to talk D into doing it with me....but it would take some money and I'm not sure we have that at the moment, at least not to put into a project like that. The bathroom doesn't seem that big but I'm thinking once we get started it might seem bigger than we think! Lol! But it's an idea and something I've always thought would be cool to learn to do and well, now is as good of a time as any!

Tomorrow I must get the grass mowed before my parents come back. It's been raining so much I haven't had a chance to do it.....but tomorrow is the day to do it!!!

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