Friday, August 20, 2010

A Sigh of Relief!

Today was Gianna's big procedure day. I was nervous to say the least. I know how she normally reacts to the dr.'s and doing anything with the dr. So I was expecting it to be a rough day. They called me yesterday and told me the procedure was at 8am and that we had to be at the Surgery Center at 6:30am which meant we had to leave the house at 4:45am! Whew. I thought Gianna would sleep the whole way there but she didn't, at all. She listened to music and sang and seemed fairly happy even though she knew we were going to the dr. It was still dark out when we arrived. I was afraid we would be waiting awhile in a cramped waiting room - but I forgot we weren't in Rutherford County anymore! Lol! The waiting room was HUGE and they had this great sound proof, glass encase "room" in the waiting area full of toys and little tables and chair and a TV with kids cartoons playing. Gianna loved it! We didn't wait long at all before someone came and started the paper work and questions with us. She was super nice and friendly, explained things to us, talked to us about her own sons having surgery there. Then a lady came to take us back to get Gianna prepared. Gianna got a little teary eyed at first but the lady sat down with her and talked to her and explained she wasn't getting any "ouchies" today (at least that she would remember!), Gianna calmed down quickly and we went back and Gianna weighed and got measured without any issues (a first!). They took us in a side prep room and had a child speciliast come in, she just talks to the kids, brings them little goodies - she helped Gianna draw pictures with markers all over the sheets! Gianna loved it and felt at ease which was so nice. They gave her some "silly medicine", something to calm and relax her before they took her back - it just helps with the seperation from the parents. Gianna was so funny on it, like she was drunk. Her eyes were all heavy and she kept slurring her words and trying to catch stuff that was in the air that wasn't there! We had a good laugh - when they came to take her back she just laid back in her bed and said "Bye, Daddy!" I was so glad, I was afraid it was going to be lots of tears and screaming to be honest. After they took her back we went to wait in the waiting room, even got some Chik-fil-a for breakfast from the floor up. They took her back to the OR and prepped her with a gas anethesia and then hooked in her IV. The procedure took less then 30 minutes and they would only allow one of us at a time to go back with her while she woke up from anethesia, Beej went first. They told us she would come out of it kinda cranky and weepy and unconsolable. Beej stayed with her for awhile and then we switched because she was asking for me. She said she was hurting so they gave her a little morphine and she calmed down and we drew on her sheets some more. After that they transferred her to a another holding area where we could all be with her - and they gave her some Teddy Grahams and juice. She was hungry since she hadn't been able to eat or drink since before midnight last night. She was already coming around pretty good by the time they discharged us at 10am. She fell asleep in the car and then woke up when we stopped for lunch at IHOP. She even ate some pancake and used the potty - I was a little nervous about her first bathroom experience because they said it might burn a little but she didn't complain at all when she went so that made me feel a lot better. I figured she'd lay around most of the day when we got home but no such luck! She's been at up and at 'em since we got home. Going non stop! I took a nap, I was so worn out but she stayed up with Beej and watched cartoons and played in her room. She's about to head outside right now for a bit! She's so funny, so full of life and energy. I'm just so glad it went so well today - the staff there at Carolina Medical Center was PHENOMANAL! I couldn't have been more pleased with our experience!

On a another good note I ordered some new Toms today! A birthday present from my Papaw and my mother in law - they gave me money and that's what I bought! I love my other ones and I've been wanting another pair for awhile and this seemed like a great time to get them. I can't wait to get them and WEAR them!
All in all, a good day. Glad it's done with.....Gianna will have a follow up appointment for a dye test with Dr. Perez in about 6 weeks to make sure everything is good and in order, for now she'll keep taking her daily antibiotic until they do the test to confirm all is well. After that she should be good for the rest of her life! Hooray!!!

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  1. I am so glad Gianna's procedure went well! Kids are pretty I am not surprised that she was full of energy afterwards and you were the one who was tired! lol Those are some really cute shoes, Alaythea!