Thursday, August 12, 2010

Updates, updates...Read all about it!

I have been slacking a lot when it comes to blogging lately. Even with the Blog Challenge. I just don't seem to have enough time in the day right now to get to it. To stop and really think out what I want to say and all so I just haven't done it! I have a few extras minutes this morning because I got up about 30 minutes before I planned to so that gets my morning off to a good start. I have a lot to accomplish today but I'm not fretting or stressing about it, that doesn't help anything get done! But first of all.....these are my new Nikes! I'm in love with them and can't wait to work out this morning and try them out! They are the new Nike Reax Rockets. The reviews looked really good on them for someone who does a lot of high energy, high impact exercise. Which I do! I got a new pair of Sauchony's, nice ones, back at Christmas but I've worn them out already. I can still use them but they aren't supporting my feet the way I need right now. Insanity is rough on shoes!!! But I've never had any black or blue tennis shoes before, I always go for grey and pink and that sorta thing. But I thought these were pretty rockin' hot! They were an early birthday present from my parents.....


Tomorrow is THE official moving day. We are getting a U-Haul and moving everything out of the apartment. Beej is going to all the cleaning on Saturday while Gi and I are helping out at the yard sale we are having. Which by the way for those who live in the Boiling Springs/Shelby, NC area or don't mind driving 20 or 30 minutes you really must come check out this yard sale! It's going to be HUGE and we are pricing things to go - everything must be sold! Antiques, furniture, kitchen appliances and tools, a fridge, a dryer, children's toys, clothing, shoes, jewelry, books, etc. We'll be holding it at 3030 McKinney Rd. Boiling Springs, NC (there is a Boilings Springs, SC too but that's not where we'll be! Lol!) Spread the word, let your friends and family know and maybe we'll see some of you there - I certainly hope so! It starts at 8am and will close up around 2pm!
But I still have ALOT to pack up here at the apartment, I've got to work out and then that is all I'm focusing on today. Getting stuff in boxes and suitcases and getting it moved to our new place! Luckily we don't keep a lot of extra junk around - my husband is very good about keeping things cleaned out and organized and as clutter free as possible. Though it gets on my nerves occasionally in the end I'm very thankful he does especially now that we are moving. There isn't a lot of clutter to be packed or sorted through. We know what we have and we know where it's going! So thank you, Beej, for your organized mind!!!!
I think Gianna is slightly confused as to whats going on exactly. I keep explaining to to her but she doesn't get that Janou and Pops and her uncles won't be living there anymore or that we won't be coming back to our apartment. She talks about the "new house" and everything but I'm not sure she quite grasps it all just yet! But she is excited, we painted her room purple the other day and she kept telling me it was her "favorite color ever!" So I think she's pretty proud of it! I can't wait to put up "before" and "after" photos for everyone. But of course I'm waiting to do that once everything is organized and in it's place and not a moment before!

I made my appointment with WeeRuns this morning and I am so excited! I keep looking at all the stuff I have set aside in Gianna's closet for it and I can't wait to get it priced and sold! I have a lot of good quality, name brand things to go this year. This will be my first time selling and I'm a little nervous to know how it all goes but for the most part I think I have a good idea. For those of you who don't know what WeeRuns is it's a twice a year consignment sell in our area. They do a Spring/Summer sale and then a Fall/Winter sell. I've been to two sells so far and I always find Gianna a lot of great things for good prices. This year I'm selling and buying! I've got to go to buy all the supplies I need to price everything and get it ready before my appointment. But since I'm selling I'll get in to the early sell which is nice and I can take my sis with me this time around - we'll have fun shopping for stuff for Gi! We have so much to get done before my appointment though! Whew! I foresee much busy-ness is my future!

My birthday is like, uh, ten days away, I think! Lol! I can't even keep up with it....I'm excited but this year will be very different since my family won't be in town and my hubby will be working on my b-day. I think 24 may come and start going without much notice this time around. That's ok, I guess I can plan to make a big deal out of my 25th birthday! I've already gotten two of my birthday presents......

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am off to work out. I recently got a few of the Turbo Jam work outs from a friend just to try and see what I think. I've heard great things about TJ so we'll see how it goes. I need something to change it up a bit with Insanity until I can get Turbo Fire. Since I'll have a work out room at my new house (YAY!!!) I want to start looking for a stationery bike. A friend of mine does Cycling classes at her gym and it looks like so much fun - of course I'll have to find some kinda of cycling routine on DVD to work with but I'm sure there are some out there somewhere!!!! So until next time, have a wonderful day!!!!

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