Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well, my first day back at this whole healthy thing went really good! I stuck with it and didn't have any cravings for the leftover cupcakes or the mint ice cream in the freezer. Doesn't mean I won't later but for my first day I was pretty happy! I managed to get 1580 calories in too. Mainly because I got up late and my meal schedule was off. But it was pretty close to the 1650 I'm supposed to get. I also worked out really hard today - I did an 80 minute work out today! Cardio Jam and Booty Scuplt + Abs. I was pretty pleased with myself! My hope is to get in double work outs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday's. That's my goal! I also went for a good walk too - Beej and I walked 9 holes at the golf course this evening. He played and we both walked. It was a lot hills and I got my heart rate up pretty good several times.
We got our painting done, tomorrow we are going to hang up pictures/art and call it done! The house looks really nice and I'm pleased with everything we got done.
Gianna has been struggling with wetting the bed again. I'm going to have to go back to making sure she doesn't drink anything at least an hour before bed. I'm not sure why she's having a bit of a lapse. Maybe it has to do with her procedure - they said she might have bladder spasms for awhile so maybe that's causing her to lose control at night. She also developed a rash on her tummy today, right around her belly button is the worst. She has a innie/outie - it's like the lower half sticks out and the top part is in so maybe her shirt is rubbing it wrong or something. I don't know what else it could be. She's been on her medicine for two weeks now and hasn't had any problems with it so I don't know why it would show up now. I'm thinking maybe it's the fabric softner I started using recently. I've never used it before so maybe that's it.....
Piano lessons tomorrow....I haven't spent as much time on practicing as I should have. I've got to get better about practicing more. It's crazy how quickly the week seems to go, before I know it days have passed and I haven't accomplished as much as I hoped to.

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