Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To tired to think clearly....

I am too tired to think clearly. I'm not even sure why I'm blogging. I don't really have anything new to say. Still working on the house, still trying to get the last few things put in place and get some order established. It's so odd because I have so much more room then I did at the apartment yet I can't seem to find a place for everything. I think the biggest thing is there isn't as much convient closet space here at there was at the apartment. As crazy as that sounds I'm sure it's true, you have to just leave everything out in the open. And that drives me we are getting there slow but sure.

We put two coats of paint on the bathroom today and I bought a new shower curtain too that will match. I love our old one, it's beautiful - gold, orange, purple and reds. I didn't want to just throw it away so I'm going to turn it into curtains for our bedroom. It'll match our gold, brown and burgundy theme pretty well. The new bathroom look is more creams, browns and teal. The walls are this beautiful jewel tone teal blue! I love it. It's so rich and brilliant! I can't wait to ge the new floor tiles down, it's going to be quite a challenge though. The tiles are swirl patterns of browns, cremes, and teal. It's going to be lovely once it's done!

I did my first work out in my "work out room" this morning! I'm not sure why I call it that - it's pretty much empty except the piano (which is just too large to move anywhere) and my TV on a stand and a large book shelf for the present time. I like having the space to move around and work out without the furniture getting in the way. At some point I'd love to get a treadmill or a spin bike. But for now this will do! I'm doing some Turbo Jam work outs right now, I got a little bored with Insanity. I've been doing it for too long I think. Turbo Jam is fun and a little dancey but I'm learning to push myself at it more to get a better work out. I'm still learning alot of the moves but I'm enjoying it more now. The Turbo Sculpt is awesome! I'm doing it again I did the Cardio Party. It was a pretty good sweat and burn. And I LOVE the Ab Jam. It's fabulous, makes my abs burn like crazy! I still want to get the Turbo Fire work out soon but I don't know when that will be....things are a little tight right now with the move and all the "redecorating" we are doing. So I'll probably get it later......but it's still on my major wish list!

I've got to get my hair cut soon too....I'm not planning on cutting it short again, I'm letting it grow out. It's at that horrible stage where it's not short anymore but it's not long enough still. It's driving me nuts! I can't seem to get it to really do anything. I want to get some more layers put in it just to give it some body and lift again. I'm going to have color it again too - after that red it's fading out quicker then I like. I like to stay really dark, almost black.

I may have a job opening up for me soon! I'm kinda excited about the idea but nervous at the same time. I don't want to say too much about it just yet because I don't know all the details or exactly when it might happen but it's been quite amazing to see how it's come about! I'm eager to see if it's the path the Lord is directing me down or not.

Gianna's procedure is coming up on Friday. The dr.'s office called me today and went over her medical history and gave me a brief run down of how everything will go when we get there. I'm so nervous, I don't want her to be in pain or scared or anything. They said that they will give her a medicine to drink that will make her drowsy then they'll give her a gas to put her completely asleep. After she's asleep they'll attach an IV, I'm so thankful they'll do that after she's out, I don't want her to have to go through that again. The procedure take about 45 minutes and then they'll be about 2 hours of recovery time then we'll be able to go home as long as she doesn't have any fever or anything. I'm ready for it to be over with and her to be well and for us not to have to worry about this anymore. Please pray for us all on Friday!

My birthday is on Monday - I'll be 24! So crazy to think......I think we are going to celebrate a little early on Saturday evening and go eat dinner at Carrabba's! I love Carrabba's, their bread is amazing and their Sirloin Marsala is to die for! I'm rather excited about going!

Well, I think that's about all my tired mind can come up with for the moment! Until next time......

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