Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blue Nail Polish & Little Smiles....

Today, after piano lessons and waiting for the man to come fix our washer (which he didn't.), we ran some errands around town. I had to swing by the make up department and pick up some eyeliner. Gianna took note of the nail polish display - she LOVES having her nails painted and gets pretty upset when they chip or we take it off. We had to remove her nail polish when she had her procedure done last Friday and I've been meaning to paint them but never got around to it. She was being really good today so I let her pick out a mini lip gloss and a little Bon-Bon nail polish. She picked blue, of course, dark blue! I didn't have a problem with that and of course she wanted to hold them both. I told her not to open the nail polish but that she could open the lip gloss. She said Ok and played with her lip gloss all the way home. She was so excited about the blue and when we got home I painted all her nails while she watcher her Barbie: Mariposa movie. I was so pleased with her, she was so adorable and sweet and I love seeing her happy about small things like new lip gloss and nail polish. Not to mention I just love having a little girl and all the sweet fun things we do together. Well, my euphoric mood was quickly ruined when I went upstairs for a few minutes to feed the fish and grab the vacuum. When I came down the stairs she looked up really worried and put her hands behind her back. And then I realized....she had gotten that blue nail polish and had it all over her nice shirt, all over her palms and the bottom of one foot and all over the coffee table. I was livid mad - I sent her to her room where she proceeded to pitch a crazy fit. Needless to say we had a serious talk, a spanking and she spent some "quality" time in her room!
Lately she wants to do everything herself, I understand it's the age she's at and I really try to let her do as much as I can for her size and capabilities. She learned she can get in the fridge and freezer now, we have the side by side kind now. She gets popsicles on her own and then today she figured out where the grapes were in the fridge and was sneaking a handful here and a handful there until I realized she had eaten almost half the bag!!! Agh!!! Yesterday and the day before while we were painting she wanted to paint too - I didn't want to park her in front of the TV so I spread newspaper out and got her a cardboard box, a paint brush and a little bit of paint in a dish and she was totally happy! The first day went super well, the second day she kept getting it off the newspaper and getting it on the floor....that was easy enough to clean up but I stopped and went to the bathroom at one point. When I came out she said "uh, oh, Mommy...." I looked and noticed she had paint all over her foot, I figured she had accidently stepped in her paint dish, then I saw her dish was FULL of paint. I thought DeeAnna must have poured her more, TOO much more. Then I saw a huge puddle of it on the newspaper leaking onto the floor and realized she had gotten the gallon of paint (that was about half full at that point) and had poured it herself!!!! I wasn't happy, at all. I try really hard to be patient but sometimes I end up getting really perturbed. I know she doesn't mean any harm but when it's things I've repeatedly told her NOT to do and she does it anyway it really tries my patience. But then she turns around and climbs in my lap and says I Love you Mommy and then I forget how upset she makes me sometimes! Ah, the power of a child!

Moving on - I had piano today. I feel like I'm learning at a fairly decent pace. My teacher is great and very patient. I'm not very patient with myself though. I expect myself to do some much more and "get it" so much quicker. Plus I over analize each little piece of music I have to learn! My sister makes fun of me because she just "feels" it and I try to get every little note, accent and tone right and then I end up messing it up! I still get a little nervous when I have to play my songs for S but I usually do ok. But not today! I'd practiced that song over and over and kept missing a certain note but other then that I had it down pretty decent. When I sat down to play it I just completely lost it and ended up butchering the whole song! Lol! Some weeks are like that I guess. I usually try to practice a good bit when I get home from lessons while everything is still fresh in my mind. If I practice it for awhile when I get home it seems to get stuck in my head better. I still struggle with 3/4 timing. I'm much more comfortable with 4/4 timing. The timing just seems "wrong" when it's 3/4. I have one in 3/4 to work on this week and I'm already struggling.....but I shall conquer it!!! Lol!

We finished up the evening with a yummy dinner. I had too many carbs today but I have stayed within my calorie limit so I'm good with that, just for today. I decided to make chicken and black bean burritos on low carb wraps (for me at least!). I skipped the cheese and had a little bit of sour cream instead. Lots of lettuce, a few black beans, chicken and salsa! Mmmm, good! Totally hit the spot. I try to keep dinner creative or different but I struggle with fixing healthy, yummy, low calorie options. I'm good with the same things for breakfast and lunch and snacks. I mix it up enough to keep me happy. It's keeping everyone else happy!

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  1. That is a precious story of Gianna and her painting skills. Sarah once ran away from home because I wouldn't let her help paint her playhouse. I am glad to hear you are making something available for her to do so she can feel a part of the process. Life's truly is messy! You seemed to have embraced it.