Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my 24th birthday. It sounds so old to me. Some about 23 still sounds pretty young. 24 just sounds so adult like! Lol! Although I've been an adult for 6 years now it still seems old to me! I dread 25....but I'm sure I'll make it just fine. I still feel really young, almost childish sometimes until I'm around teens and then suddenly I feel so old!
My day started out pretty normal - got up and made Gi and I some breakfast, did Booty Sculpt + Abs (good work out!) , practiced piano for awhile, read a little bit and then got ready to leave....DeeAnna and my mom went in together and got me a haircut and massage! I was so excited! D even set up the appointment for me! I was thrilled to have a little "me" time and enjoy myself on my birthday!

My hair stylist, Kari, is also a massage therapist - she does it all. She even owns the salon she works at now! Head & Shoulders, Knees and Toes is such an awesome place! I had a half hour massage and it was heaven! She told me my shoulders were really tight....but I felt like jello once she was done!

When I got home D and Gi were making cupcakes for my birthday - lemon with cream cheese icing! So yummy!

Here is my new hair cut! Shorter and black now of course but I like it. I don't think I'm quite ready to grow it out just yet. I've only had it short for about 5 months now so I decided to go short again! It's so much easier to deal with especially after working out, it's quicker to wash and dry in a hurry. But it was inspired by this hair cut that Charlize Theron had in the movie Aeon Flux back in 2004/2005:

I love this cut and thought it was stunning even back then. Obviously I have a bang right now that I'm trying to grow out but I can't make it grow any faster! Lol! The cool thing is back when she filmed this movie I got to meet the guy who cut it for her, Luis Alvarez. He was friends and collegues with our family friend who owned the salon I was working at in AL.! He came and gave a bunch of us at the salon a hair cutting lesson and this was the cut he taught us to do. It was super edgy, especially even for a few years ago....he was super proud of it and I loved it! So hopefully as I grow my bangs out I can get it even closer to this look!
I didn't get my work out program, Turbo Fire, it just didn't work out to get it but I got a lot of other great gifts! I can't wait for my Toms shoes to get here. They were shipped yesterday so hopefully they'll be here by the weekend!

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