Saturday, August 28, 2010

Easy Breezy

We've had a rather easy day around here....we haven't really rushed to do anything or planned anything. We laid around for awhile this morning. D had a friend spend the night so we kinda kept it quiet while they got up and going. Gianna wasn't too pleased with having to hang out in our room for a bit but was fairly satisfied when we brought her coloring books and crayons in for her to play with! I did get a good work out in late this morning - did a 45 minute Cardio work out and a 20 min. Ab work out. I've also been trying to figure out the whole BMR, RMR thing. RMR is supposedly the calories you burn in a 24 hour period even when you are doing nothing. According to estimated calculations I supposedly burn around 2,000 plus whatever I burn during daily activities and my work out. I approximate I burn anywhere from 500-800 calories per workout depending on how long or how difficult it is. Anyway, according to all these calculations I should be burning plenty in order to lose 6 more pounds. It sounds so easy when you look at the numbers! Lol! I'm still struggling with exactly how many calories I should be eating. If I calculate myself as moderately active I should eat around 1650, if I bump it up one step to very active I should be eating 1950! 300 calories is big difference, but I can't decide which I truly fit in, so for now I'm going in between and eating around 1750-1800 calories. We'll see how that goes. I've also started trying to put back in some work outs with weights along with my cardio. I kinda got out of that habit when I switched to Insanity - even though you use muscle and use resistance it you don't actually work with weights. So I started doing some weight work outs this week. I'm sore! I like that, that means I'm working muscle that needs some working!
Beej went and played golf this afternoon - he has started playing a little more often ever since he got back in touch with his old childhood "friend"/boss. They were pretty close when Beej was younger and Beej had his first job at a golf club under him so they go way back. I think it's been good for Beej to get back out there and start putting some time into a hobby he really loves, not to mention enjoy a good, quality, mature friendship. But while he went and played golf we girls ran a few errands - Taco Bell for lunch, Wal-Mart and the movie store. We rented a few "dollar" movies - while we were waiting in line Gianna wanted a gumball from the gumball machine. They have a gumball color of the week there and you get a dollar movie free if you get it. We got one once and I thought it was really funny! Today we got one and it wasn't the "color", but I decided to get another and lo, and behold, it was PURPLE! The color of the week - so we got 5 movies for 5 nights for $2! I was pretty excited!
We came home and crashed pretty much - just chilled out. I cleaned up Gianna room, again. Gianna informed me it was messy and I needed to pick it up! Lol! That child! I sat down and read for awhile too. I haven't had much of a chance lately. The way our bedroom is set up now I don't have a lamp on my side of the bed anymore so it makes it difficult to read in bed. I hate reading in full blown light at night - I like a soft lamp light to read by. So I'm trying to figure out how I can change that but for now I read in the living room. I started reading 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King. We saw the movie and it was OK but I wasn't too impressed so I've kinda avoided reading it. But it caught my attention the other day and by now I know the books, especially Stephen King books, are always WAY better then the movies. I started it and I've been hooked! So far, it's an awesome story and I'm only about 1/4 of a way into it so I know King will build it a lot more from here. One of my favorite Stephen King books is Duma Key. I can't tell you why exactly, it wasn't even my "type" of story but it absolutely grabbed me! It's a must read!
We have church tomorrow....for some reason it's still an issue with Gianna. For awhile it was because of a certain child there. She was afraid of them and it took us awhile to get past that, now I'm not sure what it is. She always has fun and comes out smiling but going is always an issue. She gets really upset and says she doesn't want to go. But I keep making her because I want her to get over her seperation anxiety and I really feel like that's what it is. I'm with her ALL the time, or her daddy is. When we do leave her it's with immediate family. I think she just feels uncomfortable with the thought of not having us as security.
I hope all my fellow bloggers and readers are having a wonderful weekend, enjoying some downtime or going out or whatever it is you enjoy doing! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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