Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 15 - A Person I Admire

Today is supposed to be a blog about someone I admire....I was kinda torn between two different people that I admire greatly. One I've known for awhile and one I only know through her "celebrity" status. But both of these people I admire for probably some of the same qualities and then for completely different reasons too!

Stacy Dupree King - Lead vocals/piano/guitar/songwriter for the band, Eisley. I recently "discovered" Eisley although I've been hearing about them for years. I finally sat up and took notice when I found out the drummer for my favorite band, Mute Math, was engaged to Stacy. I figured as awesome as he was that he'd be engaged to someone pretty cool and I was right! Stacy is amazing, she seems very down to earth, smart, artsy, and so talented. I know that she co writes a lot of Eisley's songs with her siblings but you can tell she's an amazing song writer. I love the poetic quality of her lyrics and the simple beauty of her melodies. She is beautiful and strong and determined. And I admire her SO much! She inspired me to start learning piano and I hope one day to do it the justice she does.....
Her vocals give me chill bumps, I love the way she sounds. Very Leigh Nash from Sixpence None the Richer and I love Leigh's vocals too. Completely opposite of what my vocals are....

Of course someone I've always admired (and that's why I married him!) is my husband, Benjamin. He works so hard to take care of all of us and still manages to keep his heart's dream alive. And continues to pursue it. I know how quickly I have seemingly given up on my "dreams" and it inspires and encourages me to see that he has no doubt he'll work hard enough to reach his at some point!
He is talented and whitty and continues to amaze me every time he writes a new song or just sits down at the piano to mess around. Another reason I started piano lessons, I want to be able to do what he does. Although I know that I don't have the natural "poise" he possess with the piano and music in general.
I love his confidence and so wish I was confident the way he is.....
He is funny, outgoing and willing to try new things.
I love him with all my heart!

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