Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just a moment....

I haven't had any time to blog lately! We have just been SO busy that by the time I do get a little break around 9pm when Gianna goes to bed I just watch a movie or crash. I can't even think straight enough to put up a decent blog. Plus I think I just keep kinda saying the same things over and over too!
The first room I tackled was the living room, I needed some place that was clean, organized and in place for Gianna to go and for us to go to get away from the chaos of the rest of the house. So it's been in order since Saturday night. I didn't get a chance to do much on Sunday. We slept late, we all desperately needed it, and then went out to lunch, ran a few errands and then baby sat my mother in law's new kittens while she went to pick up some friends from the airport. That turned into a very long ordeal and we didn't get home till almost midnight. Ugh. Yesterday we ran more errands and made it home mid afternoon. I did managed to squeeze in a 45 minute Turbo Jam work out yesterday morning too. Once we got home yesterday I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and organizing mine and Beej's room, helped cook dinner (it's so nice having D's help!) and then cleaned and organized Gianna's room. It all looks so nice! Today I'm hoping to get my work out room cleaned out and in order. Right now it's housing all the unopened boxes and stuff that doesn't have a place yet! So that's my goal for today and possibly tomorrow too. Thursday, after we have piano lessons, my plan is to spend all day working on the bathroom. We are going to paint it and re-tile the floor. I'm so excited, we have all the stuff sitting there but I don't want to start on a project like that when the rest of the house is in such disarray. Beej started getting his studio/"man room" in order last night too. It feels so good to have things neat and in place! I am still getting used to the house of course, it's odd being here without my parents and calling it my home now! Hopefully with a little more time I'll feel this place is mine.....or ours! Gianna keeps reminding us that this is "our house now....."! It's so cute. Although everytime we leave and head into Rutherfordton she asks if we are going home.
So that's a quick update on our life, currently. My birthday is less then a week away. This one is going to be different, I don't remember the last birthday I had that my mother wasn't around to make it a huge deal. She usually takes me out for breakfast or lunch and just makes the whole day about me and then we usually have a small family party in the evening. Not only will she not be here this time but my birthday also falls on a Monday so Beej will be at work. I think it will probably end up just being another day....we may go out for dinner that night to 'celebrate'. I am waiting to get my work out program, I just don't have the money for it right now. Extra is going into getting the new house in order right now and that's ok. I think I may do a round of P90X next if I can get my pull up bar put up somewhere in the work out room. Not sure how I can do that because of the doors but we'll see. I did get my new work out shoes and I'm thrilled about that. I'm hoping for a hair cut and maybe even a massage possibly but we'll see. I most certainly NEED the hair cut - my hair is growing out now and it's driving me nuts. I hate this stage.....and a massage, well, that would just be nice! Plus I'm checking out some new Toms shoes too! I have a pair I want, more suited for Fall/Winter. So we'll see what I end up with!

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