Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Even sleepy eyes see the little things.....

I had a feeling that I wouldn't get a lot of sleep last night and I was correct! Gianna woke up yesterday with a slightly runny nose and it seemed to progressively get worse as the day went on yesterday. By last night she couldn't hard breathe, poor baby. I have her some children's allergy relief medicine hoping maybe it was just hay fever or something but it didn't seem to do a thing. I put her to bed and she was quite exhausted - Beej usually lays down with her for the first few minutes she's in bed and I think she fell asleep before he even left the room. I went to bed about 10:45pm and it wasn't long till I heard her coughing and crying. So I decided instead of getting up every 20-30 minutes and going all the way upstairs and comforting her I would just go sleep up there with her. Gianna isn't a good co-sleeper when she's well, when she's sick it's twice as bad. She tosses, turns, kicks, flops, everything you can imagine. And that's what she did, she couldn't get comfortable....I elevated her pillow some to help her breathe and got her some water to try and keep her throat from getting dry. What little sleep she did get was accompanied by great amounts of snoring! I took her to the potty around 2am and gave her some children's Robutussin instead. I think that must have kicked in because once she settled down we didn't wake back up till around 7am. So I still feel slightly zombie-ish but I'm getting there! It amazes me how much energy Gianna has even when she is sick - she got up this morning and dragging all her toys out of her toy box and then went downstairs and out on the porch while I walked the dog and got her bubble stuff out and started blowing bubbles! Amazing child!
It's a beautiful morning outside! I think September has to have some of the prettiest mornings. Something about the air is starting to thin out some and around 7:30am everything is brightly lit and still crisp. The dew sparkles on the grass and the air just smells nice! For those who don't get up before 9 or 10am you are truly missing out! If I drank coffee I would so sit out on my front porch now and enjoy the beauty of the morning. But since I don't I enjoy it while the dog runs around and does her business! Lol!
This morning when I got up, a little grumpy and crabby, I checked my email and my blog first before going downstairs. The computer is right outside Gi's room so I stopped there first and one of the blogs I follow was about the little things and remembering our spouse and the not only the little things they do for us but also what we can do for them.....I thought it was a great blog and I do try to think of little things for Beej and I know he does the same for me. I went downstairs to our room to get my phone and lo, and behold, he had made the bed up! Yes, it may seem like a small thing but with all the "throw" pillows we had it's a little more then pulling the covers up. And of course being the perfectionist he is he doesn't just pull the cover up - he tucks and straightens the sheet, arranges the pillow just so.....and when you are up at 5:40am and have to be out the door by 6am taking the time to do that is super sweet. And it really made my morning. Something about walking in there and expecting a huge disarray of covers but instead seeing a neatly tidied bed made me very happy!
So today is Wednesday and I'm supposed to post my "new" measurements for the past week. I'll be honest, I cheated a lot more then I should have. I am hoping for a much better coming week. This is my thing, I keep trying. That's the point I guess. I don't give up on myself and I know I'll get it. I ate right about 85% of the time this past week, I'm hoping for a much better percentage this coming week. But here are my measurements:
Chest: 32 inches (no change)
Waist: 29 inches (Lost an inch!!!)
Hips: 36inches (no change)
Thigh: 19 inches (lost an inch!)
Weight: 126.5 (gained one pound but due to adding in weights again I expected that....hoping to lose by next Wednesday or at least be back down to my starting weight again.)
I have been managing to do at least an hour workout on Tues. Thurs. and Sat. and then I try to do at least an 80 minute work out on Mon., Weds. and Fri. I did do my work out yesterday although I didn't get around to it until about 4:15pm. But better late then never, after that I mowed grass for 45 minutes and helped clean the porch off too. I need to take pictures of our yard and house for everyone to see.....I put up the "before" and "after" pics on my FB page, I left it open to the public for everyone to see because I didn't want to post all the pictures on here. There are just too many. But I forgot to put up any of the outside. We haven't done much outside but I want you guys to see how HUGE our yard is! And why when I say I mowed it means I MOWED! Lol!
My dad is coming to town this afternoon - he's actually already in Charlotte teaching a class at a college there. But he's going to head this way and stay the night with us tonight before he heads back to Bama tomorrow. He wants to be back in time for my brother's first football game of the season. He is going to a much larger school there and I hope their football team is really good. The school he and Matthew attended here had a student body of about 200 kids. The school Kenneth is attending now has about 1300!!! Lol! Matthew's school is probably pretty close to that too.... We are heading down there in about a week and I can't wait to see everyone! I miss them a lot. We hope to catch on of Kenneth's games while we are there too. We are also going down to see my new cousin, Mr. G, too. He was supposed to be forced to come out tomorrow but the dr. is holding off the induction until next Wednesday or Thurs. So unless my aunt goes on her own we have about a week left until he's here! It's going to just be a girls trip this time around - we don't have room for all four of us to go in our little Jeep. Plus we'll be gone about 3 of Beej's work days and he can't take that much time off. But since we'll be taking the dog with us it's probably all for the best! Traveling with a 3 year old and a dog should be an interesting time! But I'm looking forward to the trip a lot and seeing everyone again!

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