Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh, that Crimson Tide!

" Sweet home, Alabama,
Where the skies are so blue.
Sweet home, Alabama,
Lord, I'm comin' home to you!" - Lynard Skynard

"They've got a name for the winners in the world.....
They call Alabama the Crimson Tide!" - Steely Dan

I have been in Alabama since Thursday of last week, visiting family. It's been a great time although I've missed my hubby and my routine, especially working out, a lot. But it's been good to see the family and spend some time with them. Also got to meet my new cousin, little Glavin! We got to spend the day with him and my aunt and my cousin Ava on Saturday. And of course watch the big Bama game! Luckily my dad and uncle got to actually go down to Tuscaloosa and be there and enjoy all the festivities and amazing energy that other Bama fans brings! The game was awesome, we killed it even though we didn't even have our best players out on the field due to injuries. I don't understand all the details of football but I know enough from years of watching it that I get the general idea and I LOVE watching Bama football. And we couldn't be prouder of our boys this year and last year. We are champions, national champions at that. Coach Saban has completely kicked their butts in gear and beyond. We are an awesome looking and playing team. Bought some new Bama gear while we were here, you can find it almost anywhere here and it's a lot cheaper. I got a new t-shirt and a new hoodie. Gi got a new t-shirt and thanks to my cousin, a "new" Bama cheerleading outfit which I'm SO excited about! Already she is proud to be a Bama fan too!!! There is just something about being here in Bama during football season that warms your heart - it's almost like an on going holiday here. If you are wearing Bama gear or it's on your car then you get Roll Tide's all the time and big smiles and fist pumps and a general feeling of unity and excitement and I just love it! On game day we drove down to B-ham to spend the day with my aunt and we all had on our crimson and white, had on decals on the car and our car flags waving!!! Such anticipation! We won - beat Penn St. like a drum! 24-3 I think was the final score! Our next game is against Duke and we will beat them silly......yes, it's football season and that can only mean one thing - ROLL TIDE, baby!!!!
I am ready to get back home now though, although I hate to leave my family behind I know I'll see them again pretty soon. And I'm ready to get back into my routine. I've been thinking for the next month I'm going to mix doing Insanity and P90X. Getting some of my muscle built back up and maybe throw in a few Turbo Jam work outs for fun. Keep doing doubles on Mon., Weds., and Fri.'s. And also starting the Slim Fast diet. I need something to jump start me back into losing again and I want something I honestly don't have to think about too much right now. I think I've gotten tired of trying to plan out meals, make sure I can fix them, cook them and pack them to go, etc. I just need something that is ready to go for me, at least for a little while. Beej might even do it with me which would be great! I always like doing things better when I have someone to do them with. It seems lately I can't get anyone to do things with me, even when they are free! Crazy huh?!!! But I'm excited about doing it, just because I need something new. New always helps me.
I'll be back to posting more often when I get back home. The next week will be a little crazy since my sister will be back to finish packing up and moving back to Bama herself. She's getting her braces off as well and WeeRuns starts on Friday, which I'm totally stoked about!!!! Can't wait to get Gi some cute fall stuff. We ran by a Salvation Army thrift store today and I got Gianna a super cute little back pack and an awesome brown velvet "vest" for me for Fall time and then I grabbed a pair of jeans. They are a little too small and I always promised I wouldn't buy things that didn't fit at the moment but since I know I'm going to be losing more weight soon and they were a great deal - Aeropastle jeans for $2.50 - I got them! I love the worn and faded look they have, someone has already "broken" them in so they will be uber comfy and cute! Hopefully I'll be in them by Halloween! That's my goal! They look awfully tiny but I know I can do it!!!!
Well, that's all, folks....for now at least!!!

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