Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An (Un)Eventful Life!

It's another day! And I'm dragging a in bed a little late last night because Beej and I stayed up to finish watching Primal Fear with Richard Gere and Edward Norton. And can I say it was an amazing movie! Such a twist at the end that I did not see coming. I've always liked Richard Gere - he was so good in Pretty Woman and more recently in Nights in Rodanthe, two more amazing movies! But Edward Norton has really grown on me lately too - The Illusionist was such a great movie and I thought he did so well as the Hulk. I was very disappointed that they are getting someone else to play the Hulk in the next movie. I have no idea why!
But anyway, we were up a little late and then I found out I didn't have to be where I thought I had to be early this morning so I just laid back down and didn't get up until 7am. I guess maybe I needed the sleep. Another long work out this morning before I head out the door to take my stuff to WeeRuns. I'm excited about the sale coming next weekend! I always find Gianna a lot of cute stuff especially for Fall/Winter. I love the layers and jackets and scarves, etc. that come with Fall/Winter! Gianna looks so cute in leggings and boots and hats. Her grandma has already picked her out two pairs of really cute boots for the winter, we just have to go get them! I'm eager for chilly weather to hit! I think towards the end of this month after things have settled down some we'll start looking for Gianna's costume for Halloween. She has been set on one thing all summer but she recently started throwing out another idea to me so we'll have to see. I have a feeling we'll get to the costume store and she'll choose something completely different!
Gianna has recently become obsessed with "school". She has a little back pack she puts on and walks around saying she's ready for school. She loves to draw and color right now and she's getting so good with her letters and numbers. She "draws" words she sees and she asks us all the time how to write certain words. She recites letters off of billboards, menus, signs, etc. I'm so proud of her! She seems to be good at self teaching, which is like her Daddy and I'm very glad of that! If she wants to learn, she learns. No one has to force her, but if you do try to force her she's over it in a heartbeat! So I just let her learn as she goes, when she asks I tell her! She has decided that once she is 4 she is going to school so I guess I need to check out a few preschools and see what we are looking in to! I asked her yesterday why she was all about school right now and she said it's because it's where all the kids are! I'm glad to see she has interest in being social and out going. I don't want her to be obsessed with being home or being alone or not going anywhere. I want her to love her family but I don't want it to be the only thing she is comfortable with. Gianna can write her name now, and she's really proud of that! She knows her name starts with G so anytime she sees a G she says "thats like my name!"
We are making a trip to Alabama tomorrow. Gianna is very excited about seeing her Janou and her uncles! I'm excited to see everyone too. We are riding down with Dad and D tomorrow and then riding back with them Tuesday. We went get there tomorrow night we are going to see Kenneth play football. His team is really good this year unlike the teams he's played for around here! The last time Kenneth played football here the team barely had enough players to put on the field, this time around Kenneth's new team - the Meridianville Eagles - has 60 players!!! Kenneth was moved up to first string this past week and I know my Dad is so proud! But I'm excited to get to see one of his games. I wish it was cold though, football games are so much more fun when it's chilly outside! My aunt is supposed to have her baby tomorrow - she is 41 weeks and hoping they are going to induce tomorrow. She was supposed to be induced last week but the dr. said she wasn't quite ready. So we are keeping our fingers crossed that today she'll get the go ahead for Mr. G! I really want to be able to see him in person while we are in town! It's so exciting, a new baby but also a boy! It's been just over 5 years since the last boy was born on this side of the family and that was A and Mr. G's older brother, Maddux, who passed away shortly after his birth. We can't wait to see what Mr. G looks like!!!
We've been debating getting a new cat for awhile. I had kinda decided we were going to get a new one but then it just didn't seem like the right time plus we decided that in the apartment we just really didn't have space for another cat. So I kinda put the idea on the back burner and let it alone. For those of you who don't know my mother in law raises pure bred Himalayan cats. She owns a "cattery", and she breeds and raises these expensive cats. Well, being her daughter in law and all she has told me over and over again that I am welcome to anyone I want at any time. So I've been looking, she has a lot of different color lines and I've been looking, watching and just getting a "feel" for them. She right now has 5 or 6 cats having kittens, they usually have anywhere from 1-5 kittens each so that's a lot of new babies! So I'm scouting for one now - now that we have the house we have room for another one. The indoor dog is leaving next week and the outdoor dog may possibly be going to so I think I want to add another kitty! I have narrowed it down to two different color lines that I'm interested in - I haven't decided male or female yet, I kinda want to go by personality. I want a very loving, lap cat! The males tend to be better for that, the females more moody! Lol! So I'm watching and waiting.....I'm either getting

A Solid Chocolate Himalayan (although these are much more rare for her breeding lines at the moment. She only has one right now and if that's all she has out of all these litters I won't take it, I'll let her sale it but if she has more then I really want to get a chocolate!) If not, I'll most certainly go with....

A little Tabby Himalayan! These are just so cute and she has had several of them and they are all so cute and sweet! Either way we go, chocolate or Tabby, male or female it's name is already picked out and has been for awhile! We won't be able to actually get it and bring it home until mid to late January. They have to be about four months old and weaned and box trained before you can take them! But excited about the possibility and the whole idea! I know Gianna will be thrilled as well, this will be her first pet really since we had Gandalf before she was even born!

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  1. Things are sounding busy...and like God has control over it all! What name do you have already picked out for the kitty?