Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where Ya Been?!

I have neglected my blog a bit lately....I have just been pretty busy the past couple of days. My dad has been staying with us for the past week while he is in town and my sister is still trying to get all her stuff together and ready to move out when he goes back to AL tomorrow. So things have been a bit hectic and out of order here at my house including my house! I feel like it hasn't been cleaned up or straightened up in forever. I am eager to clean it and get it back in order tomorrow! It seems like every time I go to start laundry someone else's laundry is in the washer or dryer, dishes are always dirty, the floors are always unswept, and the lists go on and on! The animals are starting to overwhelm me now - I had fully expected them to be gone by now. It's amazing how much food two extra dogs and a cat go through. I am starting to be more and more thankful for my light eating Gandalf! I don't ever remember having to buy food as often for him and we do for these others. *sigh* It's ridiculous that out of all the people I know and all the people they know I can't find good homes for two dogs. Ugh. I'm not a dog person, don't get me wrong - I like dogs, alot, when they are someone elses. But other then that I don't like them for myself. I'm a cat person! I like the neatness of cats, their independence, the fact that they don't have to be "watched" or babysat. If we wanna go away for a couple of days we leave some extra food and water out and Gandalf is good! The dogs aren't.....the small dog is going with my sister until we can find a home but we still have the big Golden Retriever outside, I am desperately trying to find them homes. They need good homes where people want them and can spend time with them. PLEASE someone take them!!! They really are good dogs, for dogs! We just can't keep needless to say that's putting extra stress on me.
Gianna is going through a bit of a temper issue lately. Mainly with me, occasionally it shows up for Beej but it's mainly when she's with me. I guess because she's with me all the time she knows how to push my buttons and she knows how far she can push me before I give in, etc. But she has become quite the little back talker and she says "Mom!" in this exasperated tone all the time! I am trying to be patient because I know she's gets bored sometimes - she's 3 and full of energy and I just don't know how to entertain her all the time. I need to get more organized with preparing activities for her, I'm just not good with that kind of thing which is why I'm so eager for her to be able to go to school! I know she's going to love the interaction, projects, other kids, etc. I am so hoping I can get her into a good More at 4 type program next year. She really needs it....I think we need the time apart too. I love her, don't get me wrong, and she really is a good child but I think we would both benefit from a little time without each other! Lol! I know she's going to love school - she loves learning and I know she is going to be such a great little student!
I have been ask to write a guest blog for a blog I follow....I am so excited about it! I have been mulling over ideas all day long and I think I've finally settled on one. I have been trying to get all my thoughts together on the subject and arrange them in some sort of order but that doesn't always work for me! It's better for me to get an idea and just start writing, then it seems to flow. But I'm excited for someone besides just my readers and followers to hear something from me and also that J would trust me with speaking into the lives of her readers as well. I honestly don't ever think I have a lot of interesting things to say but I get compliments on my blogs and my writing a lot so I just keep at it because it's something I enjoy and if someone gets something out of it then I am very glad!
The WeeRuns half off sale is this Friday - I've never been to the half off sale so I don't know what to expect or what will be left at this point. But I'm going to go see if I can find anything because a lot of stuff, to me, just seemed way over priced for used items even though they were name brand. Lots of shirt and pant sets were like $12-15 so I do hope that some of them are still there and half off! I'm eager to see how much of my stuff sold - we get checks on October 1st. I am kinda using this as a trial run to see if the work and effort is worth it. Because it's a little tedious preparing everything for the sale - it all has to be on certain types of hangers, all hung certain ways with safety pins, labeled a certain way, etc. So I'm going to see what kind of percentage I make back and see if it's worth it.
Well, that's my little update! Nothing spectacular but I just wanted everyone to know I'm still here - I'll be back into the swing of blogging about interesting stuff soon! Bear with me!

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