Sunday, September 5, 2010

What A Wonderful Day!

We had quite a wonderful day out and about on Saturday! The weather was absolutely gorgeous outside, couldn't have possibly been any more beautiful! We headed out to Hendersonville and our first stop of the day was the Pit Boss Bar-b-que stand over at Grandad's Apples. Beej's boss and his wife not only own the water company Beej works for but now they are selling award winning bar-b-que as well! We stopped by and grabbed us some oh so yummy lunch - Gianna had a hot dog which she claimed was the best hot dog she'd ever eaten! Beej has a Beef Brisket plate and I hate a bar-b-que sandwich. Generally I don't get them because pork doesn't not agree with me and makes me really sick but I thought I'd risk it because it sounded SO good. It was indeed amazing, slathered with Mr. Haynes homemade Sweet N Spicey Bar-b-que sauce! Mmmm! Happily, it didnt upset my tummy and I went away one happy camper!

Next we headed to downtown Hendersonville where the Apple Festival was in full swing! We went last year but didn't go until Monday which is when most of the vendors are gone. This time we went during the heart of the activity! It was crazy and packed.....we pushed our way all the way down main street and made it to the games and rides for Gianna. She had a blast and was very disappointed about having to go - she got some cotton candy on a stick and had a lovely blue "beard" going on! Beej bought an extremely delicious hand squeezed lemonade. I did want a caramel apple but we never really found any for sale, at least that we could get to easily. The crowds were just crazy and trying to get in lines and wait with an energetic 3 year old is kinda hard so we skipped out on the caramel apple this time around. I would like to go one year without Gianna so that I can fight crowds more and actually browse products and goodies more. But she had a really good time and that's the whole reason we went!
After that we made a little stop at a shoe store and someone blessed Gianna with a brand new pair of Disney Dazzle shoes, she's in love with them and hasn't taken them off all day today practically! They also blessed Beej with THREE new pairs of shoes!!! I was excited and thrilled for him! He is on his feet so much for work and he wears through shoes really quick. I had bought him a new pair of Saucony's for Christmas but those were already worn out completely not to mention his casual shoes were starting to look a bit rough too. So he walked away with a brand new pair of Nike's for work and two awesome pairs of Sketchers for every day wear! I was so happy for them both!!!!

On our way home we stopped off in Columbus, NC at Scoop's Ice Cream shop and finished up our fun outing with ice cream cones. Gianna doesn't like those nasty little kids cones so she insists on a sugar cone instead! She always has strawberry ice cream, I even offered Birthday Cake flavor and she said no and stuck with her favorite! She was so cute eating her cone all neatly, the store owner commented that she was a pro eating that cone and not dropping or spilling it! I decided to try something a little different and got a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of Chocolate with peanut butter swirled through it - it was insanely rich, I had to scrap some of the peanut butter out because I just couldn't handle how rich it was! Beej got a huge Upside Down Banana Split, it had everything but the kitchen sink in it!!!
We came home tired but super happy....the day went so smoothly and everyone had a really great day out!!! Oh, and I forgot my camera of course! Lol! I've got to get better about taking it with me.....

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