Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mr. and Mrs.

(So I posted a blog under this title not too long ago and then I deleted it after getting a lot of flack about some of the things I had said. I didn't feel they were nearly as offensive as the person thought they were but I took it down to attempt to keep the peace between that person and I. But even though I removed it they still weren't happy and I realized that this is my blog and my space and I can say what I like. So even though this isn't the original post it will be somewhat close!)
Weddings. I absolutely love them. Always have, probably always will! I have been to so many different kinds of weddings. From traditional to modern to simplistic, etc. I love to see how each couple takes on displaying and celebrating their love and personalities! I always walks away going "I would totally do that!" and then also saying "I totally would not do that!" Lol! But I am a sucker for a good love story, I always trust each love story will end in the happiest possible way. I don't know that I myself am a romantic person but I do love romance!
I, like many girls, dreamed of my wedding since I could remember. I had it planned out, had wedding planner books that I had read, gathered ideas from various weddings and wedding websites, etc. But when I finally got engaged I started changing up my ideas some, scaling down a bit. Reality had hit and I realized at that time in my life things were going to have to be a little different. My family, well some of them, weren't to pleased with my choice of spouse and didn't want to help me financially or otherwise so most of it was going to fall on mine and my now husbands shoulders. I was just finishing up Cosmetology school and he had just moved down to AL to be with me and so we were young and not "made of money". I had my dressed picked out - a beautiful, strapless ballgown. Funny because those are the two things I went in saying I didn't want. But after trying on what I thought I wanted and didn't like it the sales lady put me in what became "my" wedding dress! I was so thrilled and had put it on lay away and started paying it off but when it finally came down to it we realized we just couldn't make it happen and we didn't want to wait either so we ended up with a "shot gun" wedding at the local courthouse. I didn't even wear a dress! I wore black dress pants. LoL! But we were married none the less. Life doesn't always turn out exactly like you dream it will.
But I have been looking forward ever since then to my sisters weddings. I knew that they would have me help and I would be maid of honor, etc. I had all these dreams for their weddings. One of my sisters became engaged a couple of years back. But I was still in AL and wasn't really included in her planning.....she ended up breaking that engagement off.....when she became engaged for the second time I was thrilled and eager to help her plan her wedding since it would be at a different time and a different place and we were both in NC. But her and her fiance kept pushing back the date and pushing back the time until I finally realized they didn't plan to wed any time soon. They ended up moving in together and when I didn't put my stamp of approval on that she became angry with me and cut me off, completely. I haven't talked my to my sister in over two months. Sad, I know since we live less then 15 minutes from one another. It saddens me to think that my relationship with her wasn't stronger then it was. That she couldn't be understanding of the fact that I couldn't understand some of her life choices. I did my best to see past that and love her and stay friends with her but she wanted my approval and when I didn't give it she didn't want anything else.
Last Friday my other sister called to announce that my sister had gotten married.....and had been married for almost a week by then. She didn't call our parents, she didn't call my sister, she didn't call me - my dad over heard her telling my grandfather on the phone. I was so hurt and upset. Not that she had gotten married, I am happy for her and glad she has made that committment before God and man now. But I was sad that she has cut out her family to point that we were included in one of the biggest events of her life. That we weren't important enough for her to even tell. I have tried several times to reach her and she has blocked me from her number, I don't have her address nor do I even know where she works. My heart is so sad that she has cheated herself out of what is a wonderful occasion. I didn't get to celebrate my union or the love I have for my husband properly and I hate that she too has missed out on that because of decisions she has made. I love my sister and I am still praying and asking God to show me how to restore our relationship - to restore her faith and trust in me and the rest of her family.
But congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hyder - August 28,2010. May they have a blessed and happy marriage and may they come to know God and His blessings in it's never ending goodness. May they strengthen each other and build and life and family they are proud of!

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