Friday, September 3, 2010

Looking UP!

My back muscles are still really sore this morning but I took it pretty easy yesterday so I am back into full work out mode this morning. Wednesday I did an Insanity work out AND a Turbo Jam work out so I expected and hoped to be sore but not this bad! Yesterday I did a short Recovery work out and just kinda took it easy. I didn't want to over do it too much and hurt something.
I slept pretty well last night. Gianna slept in her bed and I slept in mine! I spent the last two nights in bed with her but she seems to be on the up swing now so I figured with some Robitussin she'd sleep fine. She woke up around 2:30am and yelled for me - ran up stairs and she was just looking for her lovey! I went ahead and took her to the bathroom just to avoid any accidents. After that Max, the outdoor dog, decided to bark for about 30 mins. straight. He doesn't have deep, manly bark it's more of a whiney, howling! So annoying and impossible to sleep through. I finally went back to sleep about 3:30am. Luckily I had gone to bed at 10pm. For some reason I was just zapped. Gi and I spent about an hour and a half outside in the sun yesterday and that always seems to get me.....I know today includes laundry, vacuuming, working out, doing dishes, maybe some sun if it gets warm enough and then our weekend begins when Beej gets home!!! He usually has Friday's off but since his work is closed for Labor Day on Monday he is doing his Monday route today so that he doesn't get behind!

I think tomorrow we might venture out to Hendersonville for the Apple Festival! We went last year on Labor Day and it was pretty much over with by then. This year I want to try to make it up in the midst of all the festivities and get a caramel apple. Some how I totally missed getting one last year when we were there. Gianna enjoys all the sights and sounds and the hub-bub of all it. It's fun just to get out and go. I know it's going to be crazy packed but it'll be good exercise walking around. Beej knows Hendersonville like the back of his hand now so he can find us parking, etc. I need to find some batteries for my camera since D is gone we won't have her camera. A "friend" of mine went with us last year and took some photos.....I'm behind on my scrapbooking again! Mainly just 4th of July. And then pictures from the Apple Festival that I'll want to scrap. Once Fall really hits, maybe early Oct. we are going to do a family shoot with D. We haven't done one since last Christmas and that one was just kinda quick because we needed a Christmas card shot! Lol! This time I want to put a little thought and effort into it.

Also on my list of things to do today is write some letters. Yes, old fashioned, I know! But I think there is just something so sweet and personal about receiving a hand written letter from someone. It means they took time out of their busy day to share with you, catch up with you and remind you that you are special to them. I really only have one person that we correspond through hand written letters but it means the world to me!!! I try to write thank you notes to people as well.....growing up I loved penmenship. I took several Calligraphy classes and just in general really enjoyed writing. I think I am pretty much the only one of me and my siblings who truly loves to read and to write! Everyone else just does it because they have to so to speak!
D went back to Bama for most of the week with my Dad. I think she misses everyone more then she lets on. Plus they were doing a big bash for the first Bama game of the season. D is obsessed with football especially Alabama football and missing the first game would have been the end of the world for her! They come back Tuesday and then Friday Gi and I are going back for 5 days with them. My aunt is hopefully going to have her baby by then and we just want to see family again too. I'm really looking forward to going! When we get back D starts her first official job! She'll be working at Davis Donut Shop. So everyone will have to swing by and grab donuts and say hello when she starts! I am still looking at the possibility of a getting a part time job....I haven't heard anything back on the one possibility I was looking at. So I think I'm going to start looking elsewhere.
Trying to get myself back together again - I seem to have fallen apart a bit the couple of weeks. Just a general lack of real motivation and believing in myself. I hate when I go through those slumps but I've had a lot of reminders that I need to keep my focus UP and not inward!

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