Thursday, September 9, 2010

On the road!

We are headed out the door any minute now....on our way to 'Bama!!! I'm pretty excited about going and seeing all the family again. It seems like it's been forever. Hopefully between upcoming golf tournaments between Beej and my Uncle and then the holidays we'll get to see everyone once or month or every other month. I know Gianna is really excited about seeing her Janou again! She's been yelling at everyone this morning "Are you ready to go to Ana-bama?!!!" She's excited about seeing Ava and meeting her new second cousin Glavin who should be here any time now!!! They are inducing my Aunt this we are keeping our fingers crossed that he will make his appearance shortly. Especially since my Uncle (G's daddy) and my Dad have tickets to the all important Bama game on Saturday! So he's gotten get here so that they can go! Lol! Yes, Bama football is THAT important!
Also get to see my brother play football tonight....that should be awesome! I'm glad I'm going to get to see one of his games at least.
I had piano this morning and it went well....I am way too hard on myself. Everyone keeps telling me that but I just can't help it. I want to be perfect at it and when I'm not right away I get frustrated at it. But my teacher makes me feel like I'm doing awesome and should be proud of myself so I try! I just hate it that I can play a song really well at home but then I get over there to play it for her and I get nervous and totally crap out the song. If she could here me practice at home she's probably be even prouder! LoL! But I keep at it and hopefully one day it'll just flow from me......
Got up at 5:40am so that I could work out and finish up packing and get ready and all that good stuff. It's amazing how much you can get done when you get up early! By 9am this morning I had eaten breakfast, waxed my face (don't laugh!), done a 45 min. cardio work out, fed all the animals, took a shower, dried and flat ironed my hair, finished packing mine and Gianna's bags and toiletries, packed snacks for the road, practiced piano and got Gianna up and dressed! Oh, yeah I'm feeling powerful this morning!!! Haha!!! Ready to settle back for the car ride, read a book and listen to my iPod if I can find some headphones first!!!
See ya later, bloggers!!!

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  1. Learning to play an instrument is hard work, and it takes a long time. I think it is great that you are learning to play the piano, and I bet you are doing wonderful in your progress. Have a safe and fun trip!