Monday, September 13, 2010

For Those Who Don't Believe

"Maybe the atheist cannot find God for the same reason a thief cannot find a policeman." ~Author Unknown

"In all unbelief there are these two things: a good opinion of one's self, and a bad opinion of God." - Horatius Bonar

"As no good is done, or spoken, or thought by any man without the assistance of God, working in and with those that believe in him, so there is no evil done, or spoken, or thought without the assistance of the devil, who worketh with strong though secret power in the children of unbelief. All the works of our evil nature are the work of the devil." - John Wesley

I know that I have touched on the subject of unbelief before. I have never honestly met anyone that was a complete atheist, or at least claimed to be until recently. I do not believe there are true atheist, well, I at least can't imagine there are truly atheists. I do not see how anyone can completely write off there being a God of any kind. Do they really think that highly of themselves and other humans around them? Do they really think they are that superior? I know that I am not, I know and must trust that there is Someone and Something much higher then myself. Does that mean I do not believe I have a part in making my life and making who I am? Of course believe I have a part in my life. I do not blame God for the bad in my life, I do believe that bad things happen and that is a result of free will which God has given us. He can not MAKE us not make bad decisions. With His help we can have the wisdom and understanding to not make those decisions, with Him we have the grace to be picked back up and set back on the right track, with His love we can love ourselves and each other more clearly. Does that mean Christians never make mistakes? Absolutely not. And there are a lot of "christians" who's behavior gives those of us really trying to live a Christian life a bad name. But not all Christians are selfish, back biting, greedy people. And that's where you must learn the Truth of the Word for yourself. Just reading the words won't make any sense because your little human mind will be overwhelmed by the sheer greatness of what He is. The words won't make sense to a bitter, cold heart. It's with God's help and wisdom that your eyes are opened to the Truths hidden inside. I can't honestly imagine living my life, day to day, without knowing that there is someone looking out for me, who loves me beyond measure, who holds my life in His hands with care, who is there to help me shoulder the burden of every day life, someone to whom I can take my sorrows too and praise for the joy that comes by way. I have been blessed beyond measure and I know that isn't something I earned just on my own!
I recently ready a blog of a so-called atheist and it literally made me sick to my stomach with pity and made my heart ache for that person. I can't imagine being so cold that I could not and would not allow myself to believe in God. Or being so hard that I wouldn't allow the Light of His Truth to shine through me. The way this person spoke of the Bible nearly brought me to tears. To hear someone trash something so precious and of such worth. Yes, I grew up in a Christian home, I was taught the Word since I was young but at some point I had to make the decision whether or not I truly believed that or not. Not all of my siblings have and that grieves my heart as well. They are not atheists but they have allowed untruths to take over their lives and take root inside them. But I made the decision to believe because I have read the Bible, I have experienced God in my own life, for myself. I hurt for this person, I hurt to think that at this point in their lives they do not have the hope of Eternity or the salvation of their souls. I hurt to think that unless they allow God to work in their hearts they will spend an eternity in Hell. Yes, that may sound harsh but it's the Truth. Unless we believe on the Lord Jesus, believe that His death saved our souls, unless we believe that Jesus is the Son of God then we are bound for damnation. It sounds cruel but we have the choice. The choice is ours, God is calling us, longing for us to be His but He does not force us. We want free choice in everything in life yet we think we should just have a secured place in Heaven just because we are who we are. This person "believes" that they are all there is, that what they make of themselves or their accomplishments in life will be their salvation in the end. What a bleak life! How I would dread waking up every day with that knowledge. I low I would feel! I sometimes forget what a peace and joy believing and KNOWING that Jesus is who He says He is brings me every day.
The Bible isn't full of contradictions - show those contradictions to any true Christian and they can show you that they aren't contradictory at all! You have to have the WHOLE Truth before you can judge. Picking out bits and pieces or reading this chapter or that chapter won't get you there. Also going in with a pre conceived idea and a bitter heart and attitude will do nothing but make you see "lies". I am praying that God will speak to this person and change their heart. I have never felt truly burdened for anyone before but this has burdened my heart. My first reaction was fleshly and human - it was to react with despise for that person , to think how dare they criticize something they don't even understand. But then I let go of that and realized that more then anything I was scared for them! Scared that they could possibly go their entire life and NEVER know the Truth of the Gospel or the Love and mercy that Jesus has for them. The overwhelming peace that He brings into someone's life. I pray the realization of what He went through on the cross for US will break their hearts and bring them to the foot of the cross with repentance on their lips. Christianity and salvation isn't about embarrassing you or making you feel low and dirty. It's about tearing down walls of pride and hatred and lifting you up in humbleness and love for a Savior who has literally given His life so that you can have life Everlasting! What a wonderful God we serve!
My dad was saved from a life of drugs, alcohol and adultery almost 30 years ago! His testimony is amazing - sometimes I forget how amazing it is because I have heard it so much. But a life of addiction and pain is something some people struggle against all their lives because human nature is too weak. But with the strength of a Mighty Savior we are saved, we are able to rise above it. My dad is a walking, breathing testimony to the Power of God!!!! How could I not believe?!!!

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