Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When Little Girls Get Big

Wasn't it yesterday we brought this little tiny bundle home? I remember my mom and sisters having to go get her some preemie outfits to wear home because the newborn outfits I had for her swallowed her whole! I remember riding home in my dad's car because I couldn't get up in our Jeep after my c-section. After that it's kinda a blur! Lol! Just kidding, but I do feel like I just started really enjoying my child in the past two years or so. Don't get me wrong, I've loved her, thought she was beautiful and smart, but that first year was seriously so hard mainly because I had no idea how to be a mom, I was still learning how to be a wife on top of it all.

But I'm realizing more and more what a sweet little blessing she is and much we've learned from her and how much harder we've worked on having a great marriage and a stable family life all because of her. She's so much like her daddy - vivacious, stubborn (well, maybe that's me but whatev!), funny, quick witted and smart.

Suddenly the other day I realized how big she really is - not just tall, although marking her height on the side of the door makes you realize just how fast that's happening. She doesn't need my help with as much anymore. She's gotten great at brushing her own teeth really well, she doesn't need help getting on the potty, she doesn't need help to climb into her bed......

The other day I put her in the shower by herself for the first time (I supervised of course) and she was so thrilled - shampooing and rinsing her hair, getting her rag soaped up......after I got her out she was beaming and said "Mommy, that was so much fun! Can I do it again later?"

I let her go into the bathroom stall at the restaurant the other day next to mine by herself. She went in and locked the door and went all by herself. Again, she came out so happy that she had done this by herself. After a serious hand and arm scrubbing she was so proud of herself and I was too. These are milestones, maybe not the same as first words, or first tooth or walking but still milestones and they are ones I hope to encourage and be proud of. She is growing up, very quickly, and I have to let her grow up. I want her to be independent and self confident. I want her to know she can do it all on her own!

She gets up and gets herself dressed now too, rarely needing help unless there are loads of buttons involved. She can get in her closet and select a dress and pick out shoes, she can unbutton and button her own shorts and get a t-shirt on and off. I know, it may sound a little silly but I'm just struck sometimes at how grown up she really has become. I look back on photos and videos and sometimes it's hard for me to remember that tiny, soft, squishy, needy baby that couldn't talk in full sentences or run anywhere she wanted or form a strong opinion on something. It's a beautiful, exciting thing. And to realize we, so far, have helped mold and shape this amazing human being - it suddenly makes you feel so accomplished in life! Hopefully she realizes and never forgets how much we love her and want nothing but the best for her. These are exciting times, when little girls become big girls!

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