Monday, June 20, 2011

Week in Cell Phone Pics

1. Me, hanging out on the porch
2. Still reading Visioneering, it's super rich book and I kinda have to read it in sections!
3. Riding her bike.....
4. The view from our porch

1. One of my new creations - antique button center.
2. Gemima
3. Gianna said, "Oh, Mom, I just love pink gooses!" Lol!
4. Checking out the fish at Petsmart....again.

1. Riding to the zoo
2. Snack - "retro" Doritos
3. Picnic lunch
4. Time on the zoo playground

1. So cute in her Toms
2. Ridin'
3. Heading into the zoo with Daddy
4. Me and my munchkin

1. Elephants
2. Lemur's
3. Riding a lion!
4. Vultures. Gag.

1. Cheesin'
2. Giraffes
3. Thirsty work
4. Flamingos (or pink gooses as Gianna calls them!)

1. Lazy goat
2. Stop at the Apple store in the mall after the zoo
3. Gianna's plants are sprouting! Watermelon
4.....and Sunflowers

1. Playing "Doctor"
2. Storms
3. Giant bug on our windshield (It looks like it's walking across the road!)
4. Hanging out at World Market

1. Beej's Father's Day gifts - we replaced all his shoes. He's pretty hard on them. New Balance's for work, and new Sketcher's for play!
2. Little ballerina - I can't wait to get her back into dance, she loves it so much!
3. I swear he's not evil, he's really sweet!

1. I tackled cleaning Gianna's room Sunday afternoon before my in-laws came over for dinner. But I didn't just clean it up I cleaned it OUT! I got rid of 3 huge garbage bags full of stuff and a few other toys that she never plays with. She wasn't happy about it but I explained that she didn't need ALL that stuff and she'd still have plenty of toys to play with. I'm trying hard to teach her to let go of stuff! I'm still learning myself but my hubby has been very instrumental in helping me learn. I never want to be one of those people who holds on to every toy my child has ever gotten.....that drives me nut! I clean out Gianna's toys at least once a year. I keep the ones she likes or plays with the most and get rid of the rest. You can't keep every toy or stuffed animal someone has ever given them. I explained to my family long ago that years from now don't expect Gianna to have the stuffed animals and toys they've bought her. We just don't keep everything! Now her room is SO much cleaner and neater, and hopefully easier to keep that way.


  1. You look so pretty in those first pics! I love the pattern on your dress! So summery and perfect. Little Gianna looks so sweet. I love the pic of her hanging out in World Market.

  2. Thank you! I adore that dress - picked it up at a consignment shop for $8 and I wish I had a dozen more in various patterns and colors! Lol!

  3. OK so i just read all the posts from your new fitness blog. WOW!! i'm so impressed that you made it through insanity and p90x. i'm such a wimp. i need to get my butt in gear. you are amazing! second, yeah i use "B" to kinda keep him/his name under wraps but i'll give you a hint: it's none of the names you mentioned;) and seriously, you inspired me so much to get in better shape! thanks!!

  4. Lol, Meredith! I'm so glad that I inspire someone because I have no words to express how hard it was for me to get back in shape and to keep at it. It's something that I'm still so proud of because if you knew the me before you'd be SHOCKED that I've kept at it! Lol! But yeah, my fitness blog is to help others but to also help me - when I have to put things out in public I tend to stick with them better! Thanks for reading and stopping by! And dang, now I"m going to have to go through the "B" section of my baby name book!