Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Say it with a smile....

1. My oh so handsome hubby!
2. Gianna chillin' after pool time
3. My little cutie pie!
4. My man, rockin' the 'stache!

1. She loves those shades!
2. Me and my little brother, Kenneth
3. On our way to Olive Garden
4. She was cold and tired when we got there.....

1. Organic apple juice at Starbucks
2. Bathroom pic!
3. Gianna's uber cute shoes she picked out herself - side note: she said, "these shoes kinda hurt but they are SO cute!" Yep, she's all girl!

1. I woke up to Gandalf laying on my hubby's pillow and staring at me!
2. How Bug eats her lo mein
3. Ridin' with the top down in my sister's convertible
4. Somebody was tired and totally zoned after swimming

1. S'more time
2. Stuffing my face!
3. The reason I do double work out's now!
4. My marshmallow faced sweetie!

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