Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I love hair.....I love changing mine up and I got back and forth between long and short. I've had mine as short as a boy cut and as long as the picture above. I've had no bangs, side fringe and blunt bangs. It's been red, blonde (gag!), brown and black. I really do enjoy doing hair too - and who knows, maybe as some point I'll renew my license and start doing hair again! I'm in the process of growing mine out, again! I'm not coloring it, not until next summer and then I plan to lighten it a bit and go a reddish brown like Kristen Stewart's in this picture. I don't care what any one says, I think KS is beautiful! She can be so effortlessly beautiful and then totally grunge and then vintage sexy.......I love her slightly awkward charm! And I plan on my hair looking like this......at some point. I feel like mine is growing SO slow right now. I hate the growing out process, it's boring and no so pretty. Mine is at that awful stage of no longer being short and no where close to long yet. My "bangs" are the devil - kind of a side fringe now but flat and boring. But I'm bearing through it no matter how awful it looks! About this point last time I gave in and cut them off again only to decide a few days later I really did want to grow them out! I'm a little fickle - but this time around I'm keeping an eye on the "goal" and any time I feel the need to cut my hair I'll go back and look at these pictures and remind myself of where I'm going. Lol!
(can you believe I just did a whole blog on hair?! Seriously. I need to go to bed!)


  1. I'm getting my hair cut, short tomorrow. I think I'm half crazy, since I've been growing it out for a year now and it's past my shoulders now. But I need a change. I have come to terms that I will never have super long hair because I go crazy and chop it off at least every two years.

  2. Haley, just about the time mine finally gets that long I'll end up chopping it off! That's what I did a year ago....it was finally really long and I was totally bored with it and had it chopped off into a wedge and I loved it! Easy to style and far less time blow drying and flat ironing for me but I just have to keep changing it up! Post pics of your new 'do, I'm sure it'll be adorable!