Thursday, June 9, 2011

Content and Change

I feel content lately - but I also feel like something is building. Under the surface, under the "calm" I feel like there is something stirring, changing, becoming......I am excited about the future and the possibilities it holds. I'm learning more and more that the future and changes aren't scary (well, they can be.....but....) they are necessary in order to make our lives better. There are things I know will be at some point and they will change our lives forever but for the better of course. I'm excited about Gianna starting school and this new chapter of discovering and learning for her, I'm excited about my hubby's new music venture and I'm hoping it really opens the doors for him do really discover himself even more musically and take him farther. I know he really enjoys working with other musicians......and of course there is always the question of me! Lol! I have things I'm working on, ideas, etc. But overall I feel content for the moment, knowing that big changes are ahead of us and probably a lot of chaos and a lot of growing and learning about ourselves! So stay tuned, I'm sure that I'll be sharing it all with you as we go!

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