Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Friday, Friday!

Mr. Gandalf got a haircut and he looks so much and I know he feels better too! I think he's getting so fat until we cut him and I realize he's just as skinny as ever! All that fur makes him so puffy. The place we took him was a little on the scary side (I'll have to share that photo another time!) but they did a great job, it was cheap and he seemed fine when he got home! When he gets home he always seems sorta embarrassed for the first day, like he feels naked or something. We always make a big deal over him like he's a whole new cat or something and he totally eats it up....right now he's sitting here begging with his eyes for me to go feed him!

I can't over how big Gianna is getting - lately it seems like everytime she wakes up she's taller and suddenly her jammies are too small and showing her ankles and her belly! Her sweet little feet are still my favorite but she's getting big enough now she doesn't like me kissing on them anymore (sad face.). But occasionally I force her to let me kiss them! Lol!

Yesterday we had to run a few errands so I decided to treat her to McD's and time at the play place. She was a little disappointed that we were the only ones to brave the 95 degree weather and sit outside! Lol! We saw some interesting things while we were there - a couple of old men cat calling some young girls, a woman slap her kid, another woman buy her 7 year old obese child a 10 piece chicken nugget meal AND a burger (I heard the kid telling her what she wanted.), a woman run out into the place place thinking it was the door outside and looking really embarrassed and we nearly got trampled by a group of teen age girls fighting over who got to the sweet tea first!!! Never a dull moment in this town.....after we got done eating I told Bug we'd drive through the drive-thru and get an ice cream cone for the drive home so we waited in line and got up to order and she says "Sorry, our ice cream machine is broken." I said, "That's perfect, on one of the hottest days of the year....." And drove off. Good grief. Just perfect.

We haven't been over to my mother in law's for awhile - we've been busy, she's been busy, etc. But we went over yesterday to hang out and meet a friend of hers that is visiting. We ended up making a run to Costco and Petsmart too. Cooked some steaks for dinner, we ended up taking ours "to go" because it was getting late and we needed to get home.

Gypsy is buried over at my mother in law's with another cat she lost and a couple of kittens that didn't make it over the past few years. I noticed yesterday when I went over that these lovely Easter Lilies have bloomed now over his grave and they are just beautiful!

Going to Petsmart is like going to a mini zoo - we saw loads of fish, cats, a giant German Shepard, rats, guinea pigs and birds! And that giant freaky cat "guarding" the cat section - I've never noticed how freaked out it looks until yesterday!!! Gianna was great on our outing yesterday, no meltdown's and she listened well! I'm proud of her, people comment a lot on how well behaved she is......and to me that's almost more of a compliment to me because it means I'm teaching her well!

The weekend is here - well, sorta. Normally Beej is off on Friday's but the past couple of Friday's, for one reason or another, he's had to work them. And I don't really like it but it has to be done and I'm proud that he's willing to step up when others slack off. But for today he's working and we are here at the house eagerly awaiting his return!

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