Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little Bit 'O' This N That

Still growing my bangs out and what a pain in the butt it is! Especially when I pull my hair back in a ponytail which is does fairly nicely now.....but they are too long to wear as bangs or side bangs but not long enough to pin back in a cute way! If you have any suggestions on how to where "in between" bangs please pass it along! I'm dying here! Lol!

The other day Gianna got herself dressed and this is how she came! She just can't get past the fact it's not winter anymore! In fact, at this very moment she's wearing her Santa hat and her Christmas dress - a red velvet and fur dress! With her monkey flip flops! So creative.....totally cracks me up!

I'm still working out and still doing The Shred a long with my normal work out but I'll just be honest my eating has been the pits, people. Good grief, it's been awful and I'm so embarrassed and I feel so fat and bloated it's unreal. So tomorrow I'm back to putting some effort into eating right and watching calorie and portion intake. I've just been stupid lazy about it lately. I'm going to do SlimFast for awhile because I just need something easy I can grab and go with and not have to cook and measure and all that. I like the chocolate and strawberry shakes and I can do it for a few weeks without getting too bored. Hoping to get a few pounds off and get inspired to really get back to my healthy eating habits. I'm right at 131lbs and I don't like being there - I need to get back down to 125lbs. and then down to 120lbs. I know I can do this, I've done it before......I don't know why I'm lacking the motivation lately. I just keep putting it off - I already started talking myself into maybe waiting until Monday to start but then I said NO! I'm starting tomorrow and getting back to feeling good - I'm feeling crappy when I get dressed and that's NEVER a good sign, it means I'm slipping way too much.

Gemima is getting big and I can't decide when I want to bring her home. She'll be 2 months on the 20th. I just hate the thought of taking her away from all her other kitty pals. So I'm thinking about waiting until she's 3 months and bringing her home. That's my plan as of right now but I'm not positive just yet. She's really starting to "know" us now. When I'm over there I try to spend a lot of one on one time with her and call her by her name so she's know me. For some reason this past time she went nuts over my arms - rolling on it and licking it and acting crazy! I finally figured out it must have been the lotion I put on! I don't know what was in it but she loved it! She' such a sweet little doll!

I went tonight with my sister to get her newest baby. Her and her hubby have two dogs that are buddies and they have a kitty named Stickles who they thought needed a buddy too so tonight we went and picked out Ginxee (jinx-e). She is so tiny and so cute! I just love her....hopefully she'll adjust to all her new pals well!

Tomorrow after church Bug is going to stay with her aunt and meet the new kitty while Beej and I go see Super 8! I've been so excited about seeing it and he went and saw it the other day while he was stuck in Hendersonville for awhile. He said it was amazing and would totally see it again so we're going and I can't wait! I think it's going to be great!


  1. Your daughter is too funny! That's so cute she's clinging to winter like that- LOL! (:

  2. Yeah she is over the whole shorts and tank tops already! She loves some layers, totally cracks me up!