Thursday, June 2, 2011

Say Cheese!

1.,2.,3. - Pool time! We are so enjoying the pool this year, already!

1. Getting my tan on!
2. She likes to curl up with a blanket inside our ottoman! Lol!
3. Gemima laying in Bug's lap

1. Aunt Char-char took her to Build-A-Bear and she made Mariah
2. She takes her everywhere.....waiting at the vet!

1.,2.,3. - Gemima is getting big!

1. Me
2. The cutest!
3. It's been hot but it's not that hot - I think it's broken!
3. Chillin'

1. I love that striped tank WAY too much!
2. "Mimmy'"
3. ....and again
4. Riding

1. and 2. Rockin' our shades!

1. My handsome man
2. She is too cute!
3. Gandalf is in love with this little catnip caterpillar my sis picked up for him!

1.,2.,3. - Goofin' off in monkey pj's!

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