Saturday, June 25, 2011

Couple of Things

Just a quick couple of things - first of all, did I mention to you guys that I'm on Twitter now? Yeah, I am! And I'm not great at tweeting just yet but I'm getting better and if I had more followers on Twitter I'm sure I'd step up my game so come follow me - @alaythea

Second of all - we're going to the BEACH!!! Totally unexpected and that makes it even more exciting! We're going with some of my family down to Gulf Shores, AL which is where I went back in May with my mom and sisters. I absolutely love the beach there and I've been dying for Beej to go so this is going to be amazing and Gianna is beyond excited about the beach and spending time with her cousin who is the same age. I'm excited about the beach and hanging out with my aunt and sister. It's going to be so great and a MUCH needed vacation. What a blessing!

Today we did a lot of outdoor yardwork stuff - hauled in a load of mulch and spread it in the flower beds out front. Beej and his dad mowed and were going to pressure wash our porch. We borrowed a pressure washer and we've had it on our porch for a couple of weeks. We live out in the middle of nowhere pretty much and our porch has a little fence and we live back off the road too. Our shed was destroyed awhile back in a storm so we don't have a lot of places to store stuff out of the rain except the porch and our carport with houses our cars and our wood for the winter and our mowers. Well, Beej came in and asked me if I had moved the pressure washer and I said no.......and then we suddenly realized, it was STOLEN! Gone. I couldn't believe it. We checked around just to make sure we hadn't moved it and forgotten. But no, someone just came right up and ran off with it. Kinda freaks me out really. I mean, I just hope they don't come back or try to break in the house next time. I kinda hate living out here away from everyone and everything. It kinda sucks!

I totally splurged today - but I'm back on strict diet and work out routine tomorrow and then Monday- Wednesday. Gotta make sure I feel good when we head to the beach Thursday!!!! Need to run to Target too and get a new swim suit! And then when we get back it's 4th of July!

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