Thursday, June 23, 2011

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1. By now you guys have probably figured out that I LOVE Kristen Stewart! I think she's wonderful and yeah, yeah, I've heard all the crap - "she's on drugs", "she's so awkward", "she's so moody", etc. Whatev! She's a brilliant actress and she's one of the reason I loved Twilight. The story is great but I think she's perfect as Bella......and I think she's stunning. And in the picture above she totally rocks the casual beauty. I adore her!

2. My hair is growing! Hooray! I'm starting to kind like it now, it's not quite as awkward as it was. But sheesh, I see all these awesome pictures of girls with long gorgeous hair and how cute they pull it up or curl it and I'm so jealous! Lol!

3. Gianna does not nap. She quite that like 2 years ago! I don't really mind, if she gets really tired she'll crash in the car for a bit when we drive somewhere. I like the fact that she's in bed by 9pm and sleeps till 7am. I'm good with no naps. But the other day she was acting so tired and cranky and I asked her to go play in her room for awhile to give me a break. A little while later I didn't hear her upstairs so I yelled for her and she didn't I went upstairs and this is how I found her! Lol! Totally conked out in her bed! So funny!

4. Our furry babies. Gandalf has been so lovey dovey all the time and has even started sleeping with us at night. It's nice and strange at the time same time. He's always been a kinda keep to himself type cat but I think he misses Gypsy. I know, that sounds silly but seriously. They were really great buds - Gandalf totally opened up when Gypsy was around. I really hope he bonds with Gemima like that too. We're probably going to bring her home sometime next month - she's just now two months old but her brother is already gone and her sister will be going soon too. Her and her sister are practically twins - I'll try to get a picture of them, it's so cute!

5. Yesterday we went to Asheville and went to visit O.P. Taylor's - a really cool toy store. There was so much to look at and I thought Gianna's little eyes were going to pop out of her head! And out of everything she wanted a watch - have you seen those new "Slap" watches? They are actually really cool but I'm not much of a watch person. But Gianna got a pink one and I ended up picking out the grey one with the orange face for Beej. He loved it!

6. So I started a fitness blog - mainly for my own inspiration and motivation. You can check it out at - so far it's been really great for me to have somewhere to talk about what I do on a daily basis with out it getting to overwhelming for this blog which I kinda want to keep centered on just life overall. I am working on getting some pounds off that I've slipped up and let myself gain back. I have such a hard time being dedicated when it's summer - summer is so full of fun and hanging out and grilling and vacations, etc. It's so hard to really buckle down. But I've decided that the main thing is to not let slipping up or even having a few days of eating crappy undo months at a time. You just get back on the right track and keep going!

7. You know those Gain commercials? For laundry detergent? How they are in love with them scent of Gain and all that. Well, I've always thought they were funny but now I totally get it! I usually buy the cheap off brand laundry detergent but someone gave us this huge thing of Gain and the first thing I washed in it was our sheets. I put them on our bed last night right before I went to sleep and they were still warm and smelled SO good!!!! I just wanted to lay there and sniff them! Lol!

8. Here's another random thing - we have this awful little place in town (well, I'm guessing it's awful by the name) called Porkchop's Greasy Corner. Oh yeah, you read right! But if the name isn't bad enough they advertise what they sell in nice, neat, big letters around the top of their windows like BURGERS, PORK CHOPS, DRINKS and SAMICHES. Sam-what?! Lol! I mean seriously, taking the redneck diner to a whole new level!

9. We have been having some seriously wild storms here lately. They totally freak me out and make me nervous. Ever since they giant tree fell I'm freaking out that more are going to fall every time it gets windy and last night it got crazy windy. A couple of days ago we were going up to Asheville with my mother in law and it was raining and storming and the wind was blowing so hard we literally couldn't see and had to pull over under an overpass until it slacked off some. But it seems like every time we get the pool perfect it storms and dumps a butt load of leaves, sticks and debris in it. Drives me nuts. I spent like 30 minutes fishing stuff out of it this afternoon and it's still not clean.

10. I'm pretty sure they got something now that reads your thoughts when it comes to TV and the computer - I swear as soon as I start craving or wanting something a commercial or ad shows up for it! I was just thinking earlier how pasta sounded good and lo, and behold, a commercial for some new pasta dish at Olive Garden came on. I mean, come on, really?!!! Lol!

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