Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fire it up and Shred it!

So I started The 30 Day Shred today on top of my usual Turbo Fire work out's. I'm pretty excited, I think it's fun to try something different. When it comes to working out variety is key to keeping you motivated and interested. Today my total work out time was 60 minutes. 30 minute "Fire" work out, 10 minute Turbo Fire Stretch and 20 minute Level 1 Shred work out. I honestly can't imagine only doing the Shred because I don't care how intense it gets by Level 3 20 minutes of working out isn't going to cut it, at least not for me! My biggest thing is making sure I keep my eating on track, if I do I think I'll be good. I won't lose 20lbs like the Shred promises but I'm hoping to lose at least 5lbs. And then another 5lbs. by my anniversary on August 5th. That will put my at my goal weight! So we'll see.....summer is the hardest time for me to eat right because I just want to chill by the pool and eat junk like ice cream, cookies and chips. Don't ask me why it's just how I! So I'm trying to mentally really get in gear - and after seeing pictures of my backside....sheesh, that should get anyone motivated!!!! Lol! So why not try it too? Link up and go HERE to get the details and the link button. And seriously, the dvd costs $10 brand new at Wal-Mart and you can start tomorrow - it's originally the 1st-30th of June but I started today and will go until July 4th. And if you decide to do it too let me know, I'm always looking for fitness buddies!

(Before pics June 4th, 2011 - Click to enlarge if you DARE!)

Left arm: 10 1/2 inches
Right arm: 10 1/2 inches
Left Leg: 21 inches
Right Leg: 21 inches
(at least I know my arms and legs are even! Haha!)
Waist: 29 1/2 inches
Hips: 37 1/2 inches
Weight: 131

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