Monday, June 27, 2011


I've been seeing these awesome feather extensions EVERYWHERE! And I love them - so I started checking around some local salons and of course everyone is offering them right now. So I decided I want to get some before we head to the beach and my hubby told me this morning he'd like for me to treat myself and get some before we go! So I'm going to call and make an appointment today and go get them done tomorrow or Wednesday - I think I want red or hot pink. The cool thing is you can wash them, dry them, curl them, straighten them, etc. Just like your own hair. They clamp them in so no glue or anything to damage your hair. And they last anywhere from 2-4 months (or so my stylist tells me!). So I'm stoked, I'll post pictures after I get them!

And of course you know right now I'm obsessed with growing my hair out - it's actually growing out fairly fast but not fast enough for me. I see all these awesome people with long, gorgeous hair doing such cute things with it and I'm dying!!!! So I just look at pictures of celebrities with amazing hair and drool - so here's a few for you to drool over with me! Lol!

(Lykke Li)

(Kristen Stewart)

(Ashley Greene)

(Stacie Orrico)

(Kourtney Kardashian)

(Courtney Cox)


  1. I debated about getting the feathers at my last appointment because my stylist has them in her hair! We ran out of time, but I may do them in August. All those hair pics make me sad because I'm trying to grow my hair takes so long!

  2. Yeah, I just wanted to do a little something "fun" with my hair before we head to the beach. If I was coloring my hair I'd probably put a streak of red or something in it but I'm not coloring my hair for the next year and I'm letting it grow out so I have to do something to spice it up and this only cost like $15 to get a couple of hot pink ones put in so I'm gonna try it!