Monday, June 13, 2011

Plants and other goodies....

I forgot to mention that on Saturday while we did all our outdoor work like mowing and stacking wood I took a few minutes to help Gianna plant some things. Beej got her this cute little "gardening" bag that had little tools and seeds and planters in it. So we took a few moment to plant them, I do not have a green thumb so I'm just hoping and praying I don't kill them just by looking at them! I followed the instructions and they are sitting in the sun and I'm trying to remember to water them! Lol!

(She was super excited - she loves digging around in the dirt.)

(Watching the dirt pellets "grow")

(Sweating and yucky! It was a hot day!)

(Her legs are so tan! Lol!)

(So proud of her "plants")

(We have watermelons and sunflowers.)

(So I wanted a romper.....and I got one! And I love it! So cute and comfy!)

( I realized last night that I have the opposite of a "Widow's Peak" - does that have a name?!)

1. Beej and I left Bug with her aunt yesterday after we had lunch and went to see Super 8. It was such a great movie! I don't care what the critics say, it was incredible and a must see!!!

2. Gianna went through a "growth spurt" a few days ago, eating everything in sight! Now she's back to picking around. This was her dinner last night!

3. I'm back working on my Pretty Nods stuff. Last night I did a couple of these little pouch purses with rosettes and large antique buttons. I thought these were a cute idea because a lot of time when my hubby and I go to concerts or go down town I don't want to carry my whole purse but I want something to slip I.D., money and my phone in and I thought these would be perfect! I'm excited to get back into making things and finding some new ideas and stuff.....keep a look out, I'm going to be re-doing my shop soon and trying to advertise it more.


  1. I LOVE the little purse with rosettes! So chic! I didn't know you had a shop? how do I get to it!:) hope your doing great!

  2. Yes, I do have an etsy shop although it's been neglected lately. but I'm getting ready to rev it back up again and put up some new stuff! I'm excited to re-vamp it and hopefully start pushing it ALOT more then I did before but you can check it out at Like I said, that stuff on there is "older" and I'll be posting new stuff hopefully around the beginning of July!